Sea of Thieves How to Stop Pigs Dying in Transport

Pigs are dying during transportation in Sea of Thieves for many players. The game doesn’t tell you why it happens, so people are having trouble keeping pigs alive until they reach the outpost. There is a way to prevent captured pigs from dying in Sea of Thieves, and it’s not even that complicated. Let’s see how to prevent pigs dying in transport in Sea of Thieves.

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Sea of Thieves How to Stop Pigs Dying in Transport
Sea of Thieves How to Stop Pigs Dying in Transport

How to Stop Sea of Thieves Pigs Dying in Transport?

To stop pigs in Sea of Thieves from dying during transportation, you have to feed them. It’s that simple. However, the game doesn’t tell you that’s what you’re supposed to do. If you’ve stored the pigs in the cargo bay below, you might have not even noticed that anything was wrong. On the other hand, if you kept them on the upper deck, you might have noticed that they begin squealing for no reason.

how to feed pigs in sea of thieves

The only way that you might have figured out what you’re supposed to do is by taking out a banana from your inventory and then happening to approach the caged pig. Only then could you notice the prompt to feed the pig (as shown above). And that’s all you need to do. So, when you do capture a pig, make sure to place the pig coop somewhere on the upper deck, where they’ll be on hand. Then, make sure you monitor them. In regular intervals, they’ll start squealing as if in distress. Approach them with bananas at the ready, and feed them until they calm down. Depending on the length of your journey, make sure you stock up on bananas, just in case.

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