Sea of Thieves Where to Find & How to Catch Chickens

Catching chickens is one of the quests you can do in Sea of Thieves. A merchant will send you on a voyage to catch a chicken. The chickens can spawn on any island, but you’ll first need to get a chicken coop. Then, you have to chase the chicken down. So, we’ll tell you how to catch and find chickens in Sea of Thieves, and how to get the chicken coop.

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Sea of Thieves Where to Find & How to Catch Chickens
Sea of Thieves Where to Find & How to Catch Chickens

Where to Find Chickens in Sea of Thieves?

So, like pigs in Sea of Thieves, Chickens in Sea of Thieves spawn randomly, as all other wildlife you can come across. So, unfortunately, there is no surefire location; no island that is guaranteed to have chickens on it. There does seem to be a slightly larger chance they’ll appear on an island that has more land mass, but even that doesn’t have to be the case. Not even Chicken Isle has to have chickens on it. Your best bet is probably to go around the nearest islands, until you find an island that has chickens. Might even turn out to be Chicken Isle, you never know. To catch a chicken in Sea of Thieves, you’ll need a chicken coop, which brings us to our next point.

How to Get Sea of Thieves Chicken Coop?

To get the chicken coop, you first have to talk to a Merchant NPC from the Merchant Alliance in one of the outposts. When you pick up a chicken-voyage from them, you then have to go onto your ship and propose the voyage. If all of your crew accept the voyage, you gotta go back to the NPC and pick up the chicken coops from them. You can’t really get the coop until the proposed voyage gets accepted. After you get a chicken coop, you’re then ready to go out and hunt yourself down some chickens.

how to get chicken coop in sea of thieves

Sea of Thieves How to Catch Chickens?

You have to chase the chicken down with the chicken coop out, then hold a button down when you get the prompt. Basically, when you find an island that has chickens on it, go back to your ship and fetch the chicken coop. You’ll probably need to capture certain types of chickens. You’ll recognize them by color, but in case you’re not sure, the game has your back. When you approach a chicken with the coop out, a prompt to catch it will appear in the bottom of the screen, and the prompt will tell you which chicken that is.

how to catch & find chickens sea of thieves

When you find the chicken you need, hold the button and chase the chicken until the meter fills up. The chicken will then be in your coop. Take it back to the ship, but be sure to keep it above deck. If you accidentally capture the wrong chicken, put the coop down. Then, just murder the chicken with your sword, pick up the now-empty coop, and try again.

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