Sea of Thieves Where to Find & How to Catch Pigs

Catching pigs in Sea of Thieves is one of the quests you get from merchants in the game. You’ll have to sail the seas trying to find an island where pigs live, then catching the right types of pig. There are several islands that pigs might appear on. However, you first must find pig coops. We’ll show you how to catch pigs in Sea of Thieves in this article.

Sea of Thieves Where to Find & How to Catch Pigs
Sea of Thieves Where to Find & How to Catch Pigs

Where to Find Pigs in Sea of Thieves?

Just like all other wildlife in the game, pigs in Sea of Thieves spawn randomly on different islands. So, like chickens in Sea of Thieves, there are several possible islands that might spawn pigs for you. However, there’s no guarantee whatsoever as to where exactly they are. When you head forth on your voyage, the best move is likely to sail around the islands in the vicinity until you spot the pigs.

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There are several possible types of pigs you might have to capture, such as pink and black spotted pigs, black coated pigs, and so on. If you accidentally catch a wrong pig, it’s okay. In case you don’t have any coops to spare, you can drop the coop with the wrong pig, kill the pig, then try again.

How to Get Sea of Thieves Pig Coop?

You get pig coops in Sea of Thieves from the merchant that you purchase the voyage from. However, the merchant won’t just give you the coop right away. Instead, you have to go back to your ship and propose the voyage. If you have a crew, they’ll have to vote on your suggestion. Only when you accept the voyage will the merchant give you the coop. Go back to the merchant and pick up the coop. You’re then ready to sail out and search the world for piggies.

Sea of Thieves How to Catch Pigs?

To catch pigs in Sea of Thieves, you have to chase it down with the coop in your hands. Take out the coop, and approach the pig you want to capture. When you come close, the game will give you a prompt. Press and hold the button, and keep close to the pig until the meter fills up. Of course, the pig will try to run away, so you’ll have to chase it down while the meter goes up. It’s not too difficult, but you might need a little bit of practice initially.

Once you do capture a pig, bring it back onto your boat and leave it on the upper deck, where you have easy access to them. This is important, because there’s a catch to pigs in Sea of Thieves. You have to feed them bananas in regular intervals, or else they will starve to death before you reach your destination. As soon as you here it squeal, run over there with a banana at the ready. Bring the pigs in to the merchant, and your mission will be complete. You won’t earn much money per pig, but you will get valuable reputation.

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