Whistle In The Dark Challenge - Shadow of Tomb Raider

Whistle in the Dark is the first challenge you’ll encounter in Shadow of The Tomb Raider. It is located in the Cozumel tomb, and you’ll have to destroy five death whistle carvings in order to complete it. They look like blue masks. Some of them are easy to miss, so we’ve decided to help you out by writing a guide for Shadow of Tomb Raider Whistle in The Dark challenge.

shadow of tomb raider challenge cozumel first tomb
Shadow of Tomb Raider Whistle In The Dark Challenge

Death Whistle Carving Locations

The first one is after the first spear trap. As you slide under it, look up and you’ll see the object. The next one shows up after the tunnel with the rats. Look up and to the right, and you’ll see it hanging from a beam.

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After you finish the diving section, turn around and you’ll see the third whistle. The fourth one is near the big pyramid temple. As you jump across the first set of weights, turn around and look up. You’ll see it hanging from the cliff above.

The final carving can be found near the pyramid as well. It’s west of the temple, above the cave platform that has a hole in the ceiling. Once you’ve broken it with your bow, you’ll complete the challenge and get your bonus XP.

Even if you miss some of those, you shouldn’t feel too bad. You’re going to have the ability to go back and redo the tomb afterwards. There are areas you can’t access at first, because you don’t have the tools, so we’re positive you’ll be allowed back in. Hopefully the rest of the challenges are a bit more involved, or at least with nicer rewards. Otherwise we don’t really see the point in completing them, aside from chasing trophies and achievements, that is.

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