Skull and Bones Crossplay & Cross-Platform

The Skull and Bones crossplay and cross-platform is a matter of some debate among the prospective fan base. The game is still some months away, but people want to know whether they’ll be able to play it with friends. After all, that’s one of the best features of games like Sea of Thieves. So, will Skull and Bones be cross-platform? We’ll share all the info we have in this guide.

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skull and bones crossplay & cross-platform
Skull and Bones Crossplay & Cross-Platform

Is Skull and Bones Crossplay & Cross-Platform

Ubisoft has not officially confirmed whether Skull and bones will have crossplay and cross-platform play. The difference, of course, being that crossplay on its own can just mean “between the PC platforms.” However, odds are that the game will have both of those features. Maybe not at launch, but I’m sure it will happen eventually. This article from PC Gamer flat-out states that the new pirate IP “will feature crossplay and cross-progression,” and they’re a pretty trustworthy source. That said, we’ll be sure to update the article with official info once it comes out.

As for which platforms Skull and Bones is going to be on, you will have a lot more flexibility on PC than on consoles. The options for the latter are only PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X. No luck for those of you that are still holding on to the last generation. On PC, the game will be available via Google Stadia, Amazon Luna, the Epic Games Store and the Ubisoft Store. So, one would hope that Skull and Bones will have crossplay and cross-platform, so that people can set sail with friends. Before you ask, no, there’s not even a hint of news regarding a Steam launch.

So, that’s all the info we have on the subject at the moment. Again, we’ll add more information once it becomes available. The launch of Skull and Bones is still pretty far away; the date is set for November 8th. So, we’re still very early in the hype buildup.

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