Madness Ore Skyrim Anniversary Edition

Skyrim: Anniversary Edition is the latest in a long line of re-releases for that title. Made to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the game, it has added a lot of new content to the game. While a lot of it is exclusive to this new edition, several quests, items, and gameplay systems have also been added to the Special Edition as well. The Madness Ore is one of these. If you have played TES IV – Oblivion, more specifically – its Shivering Isles expansion pack, then you are already familiar with this type of ore. To be able to get and work it, you will first need to do several things, all of which you can read about in our Madness Ore Skyrim Anniversary Edition guide.

Madness Ore Skyrim Anniversary Edition

How to Get Madness Ore in Skyrim

There are several ways to acquire Madness Ore in Skyrim. You can find it in boss dungeon chests. Of course, since this completely depends on RNG and there isn’t anything you can do to affect it, this method is not very reliable. The other way is to buy it from Ri’saad. He can be found in the Khajiit trade caravan. To be able to purchase these from him, you will need to complete the first couple of quests from the Saints and Seducers questline. After that, he will send you a note, informing you that he has new wares for sale.

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How to Use Madness Ore in Skyrim

Though, when you do manage to get some Madness Ore, you still won’t be able to use it for smithing. This requires that you first locate Evethra, kill her, and read her journal to learn the secrets of smithing this ore. She is in a camp north of Mistwatch. Once you read her journal, you will then be able to use the ore to smith weapons and armor from it. Of course, you will need to have invested enough points in the Smithing Skill tree, as well as to have sufficiently leveled up that skill. Specifically, you will have to unlock the Ebony Smithing perk if you want to use the Madness Ore.

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