Sons of the Forest Best Ending, Save Virginia and Kelvin

Currently, there are several endings that you can get in Sons of the Forest. Of course, which ending you get depends on your actions across the game. In particular, there is a “best” ending, where you are able to save both of your companions. Needless to say, getting this ending requires that you do several things exactly right, and it is very easy to mess up and miss out on. So to help you get the best ending in Sons of the Forest and save both Virginia and Kelvin, here’s what you need to do.

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Sons of the Forest Best Ending, Save Virginia and Kelvin
Sons of the Forest Best Ending, Save Virginia and Kelvin

How to Get the Best Ending in Sons of the Forest and Save Both Virginia and Kelvin

There are three endings in total. The “bad” ending occurs if you take the bag at the end. In that case, the helicopter leaves without you. A slightly less bad, but still not ideal ending happens when you don’t take the bag, but Virginia turns into a giant mutant and she doesn’t leave the island with you (though Kelvin still does). There is also a “best” ending where they both survive and leave the island with you. If you manage to get this ending, you will also unlock the “Keep Your Friends Close” Hidden Achievement. While we’re not necessarily sure of all the prerequisites that are needed to get this, here are the ones that are most likely needed in order to get this ideal ending. All of them have to do with how you interact with Virginia:

  • Give Virginia the dress (here’s the location of the dress in question).
  • Give her a gun.
  • Give her a GPS Tracker.
  • Build a shelter for her.
  • Save her from the cannibals.
  • Don’t pick up the bag at the end when you have the chance to do so.
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    Just completed the game, halfway into the cutscene I saw your bullet about giving her the dress, which I haven’t done, and turns out both are still saved. She did have a gun, GPS tracker, and no dedicated shelter other than the one I built for myself.

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