Sons of the Forest Red Mask Explained

Not sure how does the Red Mask work in Sons of the Forest? We’ve got you covered. As a survival game at its core, Sons of the Forest will let you craft and print all kinds of items to help you on this perilous journey. However, for many items, there is no clear explanation of how they work and what their purpose is. In our guide, we explain how to use the Red Mask in Sons of the Forest.

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Sons of the Forest Red Mask Explained

How to Use the Red Mask in Sons of the Forest and What Does it Do

One of the interesting new features added to Sons of the Forest is the 3D printer. These 3D printers serve as an addition to the crafting system, as you can create several essential items only with the help of this modern technology. However, a 3D printer is not something which you can simply build in your base. Rather, they can be found inside several bunkers throughout the forest. Hence, if you want to build something with them, you’ll need to visit one of the bunkers, which has one of these. Having said that, you probably already know that, and now you are wondering how to use the Red Mask.

The Red Mask works similarly to how the red paint worked in the original game, The Forest. Namely, you put the red mask on your face as a sort of deterrent for the cannibals. When you put it on, they will shy away from you, and they will not attack you. Mind you, it is not a perfect solution, as they can easily look past your deception and realize that you’re behind the mask. Hence, be cautious when you carry it and use it wisely. Whenever you want to use it, simply look for it in your inventory, equip it, and hold down the left mouse button to place the mask on your face.

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