Sons of the Forest Virginia Clothes, Dress, Camo Suit Locations

In our Sons of the Forest Virginia Clothes, Dress, Camo Suit Locations guide, we are going to show you where to find and how to get different types of clothing for the three-legged woman. The camouflage suit outfit is fairly easy to obtain, but the dress is a whole different matter. So, let’s find out where the outfits for the three-legged lady are.

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sons of the forest virginia clothes dress camo suit locations
Sons of the Forest Virginia Clothes, Dress, Camo Suit Locations

Sons of the Forest Virginia Dress Location

The location of the dress for Virginia, which is one set of clothes for the three-legged woman in Sons of the Forest, you need to go well out of your way. First off, you need to go into the cave in the northwest of the map. Look at our screenshots to see where it is. Walk forward and down until you find a hatch that says “Food and Dining.” Open it and climb down, then open the door in the far right corner of the room using the Maintenance Keycard.

Make your way through the gardens (pick up the crossbow in the dark part of the second room and bolts along the way) and just keep going where the building takes you. You’ll eventually get to the flooded part, but there’s pretty much just one way forward. Eventually, you’ll see stairs leading to white double doors. Before you go through them, go into the room with computers through the passage on the left to pick up the VIP Keycard. Go back to the double doors and open them with the VIP keycard. The dress will be in one of the seating areas on the right. You will need this dress to get Sons of the Forest best ending, where you can save Virginia as well.

Where to Find Camo Suit in Sons of the Forest

The camo suit in Sons of the Forest, or the camouflage suit, is another set of clothes you can give to Virginia, the three-legged lady. You can find it in a lonely canoe that has washed ashore on one of the beaches. It’s in the middle of nowhere, as most things in this game, so use our screenshots below to help with orientation. Basically, from the beach you spawn in on normal mode, looking at the cave, turn and head to the right. You should come across the canoe soon enough. The camo suit is in the boat itself.

There might be more outfits you can give Virginia in Sons of the Forest. We’ll update the guide with more info once we have it. If you find them before us, let us know in the comments. For more info in general, check our our guides titled How to Get Virginia and How to Change Companion Appearance.

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