Sons of the Forest Can Opener Location, Get Food From Tin

In our Sons of the Forest Can Opener Location, Get Food From Tin guide, we are going to cover two important things. First, we will show you where to find the can opener in the first place, which you can easily miss. Next, we will walk you through the process of how to actually use the tin opener to get the food from the can. Let’s begin.

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sons of the forest can opener location get food from tin
Sons of the Forest Can Opener Location, Get Food From Tin

Where to Find Can Opener Location in Sons of the Forest

To find the Can Opener location in Sons of the Forest, which you need to get food from tins, you need to explore the beach where you begin the game. Well, where you begin the game in normal mode. The beach goes in a kind of a claw shape, and near the tip of the claw, you’ll find at on of stuff right at the edge of the water. They’re behind the rocks, so you can easily miss it. If you still can’t find them, take a look at the screenshots below. Be sure to pick up as many things as you can, not just the can opener.

How to Get Food From Tin in Sons of the Forest

To get food from a tin in Sons of the Forest, you of course need to use the can opener once you’ve found its location. However, the process is not really as intuitive as you might expect. So, the first step is to open your inventory by pressing the “I” key. Next, right-click the canned food to place it on the combining mat, then do the same with the can opener. Once both items are on the mat, click the cog in the top right corner. A short animation is going to play, and at the end, you’ll have a can-shaped pile of food. Click on it to eat. This will replenish a lot of your hunger, so save them for dire situations if at all possible.

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