Sons Of The Forest VIP Keycard Location

Not sure where to find the VIP Keycard in Sons Of The Forest? The Forest is back with a bigger sequel with more content than you can imagine. This means many vast expanses to explore, secret locations to uncover, and mysteries to unravel. And sometimes, you will need a keycard to unlock something. In this guide, we provide the exact location of the VIP Keycard and where to use it.

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Sons Of The Forest VIP Keycard
VIP Keycard Location Sons Of The Forest

Where to Find VIP Keycard in Sons Of The Forest

With many essential items in Sons Of The Forest, the game will absolutely not give you a single clue on how to obtain them. Hence, you will need to do a lot of blind exploring or read guides like this one! So, where do you need to go to find the VIP Keycard? You need to go to the northwestern part of the map. There is a cave there, just north of a small lake which forms at the base of a short river that flows into the map’s eastern sea. Check out our map below for the exact location.

Once there, enter the cave through the narrow passage. Head straight to the rear end of the cave until you reach an opening in the ground. It is a manmade opening, a hatch which leads to an underground hydroponic farming plant. Remember that you will need a Maintenance Keycard to open the door leading to the hydroponic plant. Just pass straight through several rooms with hydroponic farming until you reach a dark maintenance room on the other end. Grab what you can from the shelves and continue down the tunnel there. The tunnel leads to a lower, flooded level, where the VIP Keycard is.

Swim through the flooded rooms of the lower level all the way to the opposite side. There’s only one way to go here, so you can’t make a wrong turn. Eventually, you’ll reach a flooded hallway on the other end. Keep swimming through it. And on the other side, there will be a still-working security room, with monitors showing dozens of rooms with cannibals. There, on the desk just below the monitors, you will find the Sons Of The Forest VIP Keycard.

How to Use VIP Keycard in Sons Of The Forest

To be perfectly frank, at the moment, we don’t know where to use the VIP Keycard. It’s just the first day of the game’s release, and we have found the keycard but haven’t yet discovered where to use it. Nevertheless, we will make sure to update the article as soon as we have this information. If you know where to use VIP Keycard in Sons Of The Forest, please – share it with us in the comments section!

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    I found were to use it, it gives you a pistol, email me and ill send pictures of location

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