Change Companion Appearance in Sons of the Forest

Can you change Kelvin’s appearance in Sons of the Forest? The Forest sequel is finally here, and it is already a massive success, with hundreds of thousands of players playing it on the first day. Among many new features, there are also two brand-new companions, Kelvin and Virginia. In this guide, we explain how to change the appearance of companions in Sons of the Forest.

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Change Companion Appearance in Sons of the Forest

How to Change Companion Appearance in Sons of the Forest

Kelvin is your trustful and loyal companion in Sons of the Forest. From the very start of the game, he will be there for you to help you on this perilous adventure, be it as a builder or as a fighter. And that’s why he deserves to be rewarded with some nice and cousy clothes to wear. So, how do you change the companions’ appearance in Sons of the Forest? Read on to learn how to change Kelvin’s look.

The game doesn’t have a transmog system. After all, this is not a role-playing game, and you don’t care about your look that much here. However, what you and your companions wear is essential as it provides various stats and benefits. Therefore, you should care about Virginia and Kelvin and what they wear. To change the companion appearance in Sons of the Forest, do as follows:

  • Make sure to have an item you want a companion to wear in your inventory.
  • Approach Kelvin and press “E” to interact.
  • Select “Take Item”
  • This will open your clothing item menu.
  • Select what you want to give to the companion and click on it to give it to the companion.

And there you have it; that’s how you change Kelvin’s appearance. He will wear each item you give to him, providing the companion not only with good stats but good looks as well. And the same goes for Virginia.

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