How to Give Items to Kelvin Sons of the Forest

I’m sure a lot of players will want to know how to give items to Kelvin in Sons of the Forest. After all, he’s your trusty companion. You want to keep him safe, and maybe use him to carry some extra stuff. So, how do you do that? are you even able to do it? Let’s try and puzzle it out.

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how to give items to kelvin sons of the forest
How to Give Items to Kelvin Sons of the Forest

How to Give Kelvin Items in Sons of the Forest

To give Kelvin items in Sons of the Forest, you first need to approach him. You will see a button prompt in front of him. Press and hold E to bring up the menu you use to give him orders. Scroll through the options until you find “Take Item.” Your character will then bring up the inventory of things that you can give Kelvin. As far as we can tell, you can really only give him different articles of clothing. Obviously, there could be other things you can give him, but we haven’t gotten that far into the game. We’ll try and add more information as we discover it. The game is still in its nascency, so who knows how things might change?

So, there you go, that’s how you give Kelvin items in Sons of the Forest. Again, all we hand him at the moment are clothes, so that’s pretty limiting. It would be nice if you could let him carry stuff for you as an extra bit of inventory or something, but it is what it is. Then again, you’ll be doing the majority of the real work, so who cares what Kelvin is doing? Sure, you want to keep him alive, but beyond that, there’s not much to it. If you can figure out how to give him other stuff, let us know in the comments. For more help, check out some of our other Sons of the Forest guides, like How to Put Down Book and How to use Chat.

Can You Give Weapons to Kelvin

No, you can’t give weapons to Kelvin in Sons of the Forest. At least, that’s the case at time of writing. As we’ve said above, you can only hand him different items of clothing, That might change in the upcoming updates; in fact, I’d bet money on it. But as it stands, Kelvin can only play dress-up right now. That said, you can give weapons to Virginia, your lovely multi-limbed companion. In fact, it seems you can only give her weapons. She looks like she could use a jacket, but I guess she’s tougher than you’d think. And she can hold her own in combat, especially if you give her the tools to do so.

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