Sons of the Forest Shovel Location

Where to find a shovel in Sons of the Forest is the most asked question since the game launched. The shovel is a new item that can be used for digging up some hidden treasures. Also, you can use it as a weapon against humanoid enemies. In this guide we’ll share with you how to find Shovel in Sons of the Forest.

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Sons of the Forest Shovel Location
Where to find a Shovel in Sons of the Forest

How to get Shovel Sons of the Forest

It’s not an easy task to find a shovel in Sons of the Forest. Before this item falls into your hands, you’ll have to visit the snow area. Since the spawn locations are different depending on the difficulty you chose for the game, the snow area is the crash site for players who selected hard mode difficulty.

According to this reddit post, before you reach this part of the map you should also have the rebreather and the rope gun for zippline. The shovel you are looking for is hidden in the cave near the river, close to the area where the snow starts. In the screenshot below you can find the exact cave location. Some huge mutants without hands are waiting for you in the cave, thus, you need a good weapon to defeat them. If you still don’t have a rebreather, you can find the one in the cave near the beach crash site. The Rope Gun is an item

There were also a rumor that you need to find a 3D printer in order to craft a shovel, but that is a wrong information. The only items you can create with the 3D printer are: mask, grappling hooks, tech mesh, sled, arrows and flask.

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