Sons of the Forest Katana Location

There are few weapons that can compare to the katana in terms of lethality and pop culture relevance. As such, it’s no wonder that this is one of the weapons that you can get in Sons of the Forest as well. Though, like many things in the game, acquiring it is by no means an easy or simple thing to do. So if you were wondering where to find the Katana in Sons of the Forest, we’re going to show you the exact location where it is.

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Sons of the Forest Katana Location
Sons of the Forest Katana Location

How to Get Katana in Sons of the Forest

To be able to get the Katana, you are going to need to obtain something first. We are talking about the Maintenance Keycard, popularly known as the Blue Keycard. Once you have these items, head to the location that we have marked in the screenshot gallery below. When you get there, head inside the cave and make your way down. Once you have reached the stairs, go down, and use the Blue Keycard to open the doors. Go inside.

After a short cutscene (which we won’t spoil here) is over, get back up and go through the door with the green emergency exit light above it. In the next corridor, keep moving until you get to the next batch of rooms. Head inside the first room on the right here (the one that is already open). Inside this room here is where you will find the Katana itself. It is on the wooden shelves there in the middle of the two couches. Pick it up. Congratz, you now have an excellent melee weapon, one of the best in Sons of the Forest. Armed with this, you are sure to make short work of any cannibals and other such enemies that try to attack you.

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