Sons of the Forest Fish Trap Explained

Not sure how to catch fish in Sons of the Forest? Being a typical survival game, one of the core gameplay features of Sons of the Forest is ensuring you have enough food. And what’s a good diet without some fish? In this guide, we explain how to get a Fish Trap and how do they work. Sons of the Forest Fish Trap not working explained.

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Sons of the Forest Fish Trap Explained
How to Catch Fish in Sons of the Forest

How to Get Fish Trap in Sons of the Forest

The first part here is actually a rather easy one. To get a trap, you will simply have to build one with the help of your book guide. Here’s how to build one. Just make sure to be near a body of water before making one.

  • Gather 25 Sticks
  • Open your inventory.
  • Select the Guide Book.
  • Hold “X” to switch to the craftable/buildable objects.
  • Choose the Traps tab.
  • Select “Fish Trap”.
  • Find a location where you want to place it.
  • Press “E” several times in a row. This will make your character place the branches to create a trap.

How to Use Fish Trap in Sons of the Forest, Traps Not Working

As we can see, acquiring a trap is relatively easy. However, many players don’t have problems with that. Rather, what frustrates them is the fact that they simply can’t catch any fish in their traps. Namely, it seems that currently is extremely hard to catch fish with a trap.

A huge number of players on Reddit, Discord, and Steam Forums currently report that Fish Traps are not working. Whether you place the trap in the ocean, river, or pond, it doesn’t bring results. Given the situation, the best advice we can currently give you is to send your AI companion Kalvin to fish, as he generates fishes and will undoubtedly catch some. The other workable method is to catch fish with a spear.

Nevertheless, if you want to try a Fish Trap, you must place it near a location where you can clearly and visibly see actual fish in the water. It can not be just any location inside a body of water. Furthermore, in small fish ponds is more likely to catch fish than in open oceans and rivers. Hence, put your traps in lakes and ponds first. We will make sure to update the article once we have more information.

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