How to Make Arrows Sons of the Forest

You need to know how to make arrows in Sons of the Forest for several reasons. For one, it makes hunting significantly easier, giving you more access to meat, leather and other resources. Secondly, it’s an inexpensive way to chip away at enemies from a distance (granted, not very effectively). So, all of that being the case, let’s find out how to craft arrows in Sons of the Forest. And the bow, for good measure.

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how to make arrows sons of the forest
How to Make Arrows Sons of the Forest

How to Make Arrows in Sons of the Forest

To make arrows in Sons of the Forest, at least the simple, stone arrows, you just need to get a handful of simple resources. Specifically, you need to gather four small rocks, two sticks, and two feathers. Small rocks are all over the place, as are sticks. You can either pick the latter up from the ground or cut down some thin trees. As for feathers, you will have to bring down a couple of birds. The spear should do wonders there. Once you have everything, open your inventory, place the sticks, stones and feathers on the mat, and click the cog in the top right. You should get four stone arrows for your troubles. Or you can just use the 3D printer where you find the maintenance card to make some.

And there you go, that’s how you make arrows in Sons of the Forest. There are probably other types of arrows that we haven’t figured out how to craft yet, and if that’s the case, let us know in the comments. In all seriousness, the printed arrows are really efficient, but you will most likely rely chiefly on the stone ones, since they’re so cheap and easy. Naturally, you’ll also need a bow. That requires two sticks, one roll of duct tape, and one coil of rope. You can find both some rope and tape in the general area where you spawn. Be sure to carefully comb through every inch, including around the edge of the water.

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