How to Put Down Book in Sons of the Forest, Stuck in Switch Mode

Not sure how to put down a guide book in Sons of the Forest? We’ve got you covered! The sequel to the highly popular survival horror The Forest has finally hit Steam as an early access title. And, despite sharing a lot of similarities with its predecessor, it also comes with many new features and changes. And that sometimes may cause some confusion. In this guide, we explain how to close the book stuck in switch mode in Sons of the Forest.

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How to Put Down Book in Sons of the Forest, Stuck in Switch Mode

Sons of the Forest Book How to Put Down Book, Survival Guide Stuck in Switch Mode

The guide book, or the survival book, is a type of journal/tutorial in Sons of the Forest which acts as a manual for all the things you can do within the game currently. It doesn’t give you in-depth guides but rather more of a general idea of what to do. It is a helpful tool that fits nicely into the game world, which helps with immersion. However, many players seem to have one simple problem with the book in Sons of the Forest. Namely, they don’t know how to put down the book. If you don’t know how to close the book, don’t worry; you are not alone.

While fairly simple, many players are confused simply because there is no visual instruction on how to close it. Rather, it looks like they are stuck in “Switch Mode” when the guidebook is opened. And they can not remove it from their hands. So, how do you put down the book in Sons of the Forest? All you need to do is to press “B” to leave the guidebook. However, keep in mind that the manual is currently bugged and that it might get you stuck here, which can result in lost progress. Because of that, make sure to save the game regularly.

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