How to Use Zipline Sons of the Forest

Not sure how to use Zipline in Sons of the Forest? We’ve got you covered! The Forest sequel is finally here, and hundreds of thousands of fans are already playing the game on Steam, despite being “just” in early access. The game boasts many new features, while many older features have received significant changes. This guide answers the question: “How does Zipline work in Sons of the Forest?”

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How to Use Zipline Sons of the Forest

How to Use Zipline in Sons of the Forest

The titular forest is a dangerous place. Armies of deranged cannibals are patrolling it, which will not hesitate to attack you the moment they see you, as they are crazy and hungry. And, well, you are a type of food they particularly fancy. Not only that, but the forest itself can be dangerous, and the only way to traverse it is on foot or by zip lines. However, how exactly to use these ziplines in Sons of the Forest?

The first moment where you will absolutely need to use Zipline is when you try to grab a shovel. The Shovel is an essential tool in the game, and you will want to put your hands on it as soon as possible. “How do I use the zipline? What do I need for it? I can’t get the shovel BC of it,” asks Steam user Jakechillz. And for him and many other confused players, the answer is really simple – you will need to get a tool called the rope gun.

The zip gun will not be at the exact same location for every player. However, many players report that they have found the zip gun in caves. “You need to get the zip gun from a cave, ” says Steam user Abominable Cumman. “It is kinda near the snow past the purple marker, which was in the water(liferaft).” Other players report that they have found it in the cave right next to the crash site. Hence, check these two places, and you’ll likely find the gun in no time. Once you have a Rope Gun, simply equip it from your inventory when you want to use it near a Zipline, and press E.

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