Sons of the Forest Rebreather Location

Finding the Sons of the Forest rebreather location is an absolute necessity, at one point or another. It allows you to spend much longer underwater, and it even has a light for all the swimming in the dark you’ll eventually have to do. You need need this item to get certain other things, such as the shovel. So, where do you find the rebreather? Let’s find out.

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sons of the forest rebreather location
Sons of the Forest Rebreather Location

Where to Find Rebreather in Sons of the Forest

To find the rebreather in Sons of the Forest, you need to go into the cave near the spawn point in Normal Mode. If you don’t know where that is, we are going to show you in the screenshots below. Squeeze your way into the cave. It has just one path to go down initially, so just keep going deeper. Eventually, you’ll come across a wide area full of mutants that you’ll need to dispatch. After that, you’re more or less in the clear. Head deeper into the cave and stick to the left wall, so you don’t miss the turn in the dark. You’re on the right track if you run into a colorful swim ring and orange vests.

The next step to find the rebreather in Sons of the Forest is to keep going down this path until you come across a large cavern with a pool of water. You’ll see a light on the opposite side of the water, but don’t go swimming. Instead, follow the path that winds around on the right side. This will lead you straight to the light, which is actually the rebreather. This device, as we’ve covered already, lets you dive for a much longer time, and it even gives of a little bit of light. One last thing before we sign off: just because the cave is near the beginning doesn’t mean it’s easy. Those mutants are really tough. Do not attempt to get the rebreather until you’ve gotten some armor and decent weapons.

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