How to Use GPS Locators Sons of the Forest, GPS Tracker

Navigation has always been one of the most important things that you need to be aware of in survival games. Naturally, Sons of the Forest is no different in this regard. If you want to mark important locations on the island, you are going to need to use GPS Locators, which you can then find using your GPS Tracker. Of course, you first need to know how to place and use GPS Locators and the GPS Tracker in Sons of the Forest. We’re going to show you everything you need to know about how to place Map Markers.

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How to Use GPS Locators Sons of the Forest, GPS Tracker
How to Use GPS Locators Sons of the Forest, GPS Tracker

How to Place GPS Locators in Sons of the Forest and Make Markers on the Map

Once you have found some GPS Locators, you will no doubt how to place these GPS Locators. To do this, first find a spot that you want to have marked. Next, take out a stick from your inventory and place it in the ground standing upright. After that, open up your inventory and select your GPS Locator. Hover over the top of the stick, and you will get the option to place the Locator there. You can now see this location on your GPS Tracker. If you want to remove the GPS Locator from the stick (and place it in another spot), hover over the top of the stick and press C to remove it.

How to Place GPS Locators on Companions in Sons of the Forest

Besides stationary locations, you can also place GPS Locators on companions such as Virginia. Once you have made Virginia your friend, get close to her and open your inventory. Select the GPS Locator and, like with the stick, hover over her to place the GPS Locator on her person. This is a very useful option, since you will now know where she is at all times and you can easily find her.

Place GPS Locator on Virginia
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