Sons of the Forest Shotgun Location

In our Sons of the Forest Shotgun Location guide, we are going to show you where to find this powerful weapon. Before that, we will briefly walk you through what you’ll need before you manage to get your hands on the boom stick. It’s not going to be an easy journey, but then again… it is a very powerful weapon. It will help you blast a path through stronger monsters. All that being said, let’s begin.

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sons of the forest shotgun location
Sons of the Forest Shotgun Location

Where to Find Shotgun in Sons of the Forest

To find the shotgun in Sons of the Forest, you first need to obtain the shovel. That’s an absolute nightmare in and off itself. It’s in a cave that’s full of monsters, and you need both the rebreather and the rope gun to reach it. We have a separate guide on the subject, so give that a read if you need it. Once you have that, it’s time to go grave-robbing. Yes, I’m dead serious, no pun intended. You need to go to the southeast of the island and use the GPS locator to show you where to go. Take a look at the screenshots below to help guide you. What you’re looking for is a makeshift grave, marked by a rickety cross made of two sticks and a scrap of cloth.

The next step to find the shotgun in Sons of the Forest is to dig the grave up. Obviously, the casket is buried in the tiny area with no grass. Keep in mind that you have to dig up the whole thing, and then crack it open. Pick the gun up, and be on your way. Now, I would question the logic of whoever made the grave. Why would you bury a perfectly working shotgun on an island of monsters and cannibals? But, whatever, their loss is our gain. Now, there’s still a matter of the ammo, but that’s not what we’ll be covering in this guide. You’ll find boxes of shells as you explore the island in general, especially the caves. Do use it sparingly, since ammo doesn’t grow on trees.

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