South Park Fractured But Whole Toilet Locations - Crappin' Forte Trophy

Sitting on a toilet in South Park: The Fractured But Whole starts a mini-game. You have to hit the right buttons at the right time in order to earn stars. When you earn all the stars on a particular toilet, it will be mark as mastered. In order to get the Crappin’ Forte achievement, you’ll need to find and master all 21 bowls in town. Most of them are really easy to find – just look in the obvious places, but some are convoluted. We’ve made this guide to help you find all South Park Fractured But Whole toilet locations.

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south park fractured but whole toilet locations crappin forte trophy
South Park Fractured But Whole Toilet Locations – Crappin Forte Trophy

Where to find toilets?

Most houses have a toilet, as do restaurants. The community center, the senior center, some stores… It’s not so much about finding them – which you can do after you’ve beaten the game – as it is about which powers to use in order to access them, and how difficult the challenge will be. We’re going to list them by difficulty, from lowest to highest.

LocationDifficultyRequired powers/alliesAdditional notes
Your House1NoneNone
Craig’s House2NoneNone
Clyde’s House2NoneNone
Butters’ House2NoneNone
Stan’s House2ToolshedBreak the crack in the hall and call Toolshed
Kyle’s House2NoneNone
Police Station (Men’s)2NoneAccessible from the break room
Big Gay Al’s House3NoneNone
Police Station (Women’s Left)3NoneBreak the crack on the men’s room wall to enter
Peppermint Hippo3NoneOn the right side of the establishment
Cartman’s House3NoneNone
Nichole’s House3NoneNone
Henrietta’s House3NoneNone
Bebe’s House3NoneNone
Community Center (Men’s)3TimeFart PauseStop time, run across the water and turn the power off
Community Center (Women’s)4ToolshedMove the bin to reveal the crack, open up a hole and call Toolshed
Kevin Stoley’s House4Dr ChaosBreak the box above the garage door, call Dr Chaos, go through the garage
Jimmy’s House4NoneNone
Police Station (Women’s Right)4NoneBreak the crack on the men’s room wall to enter
Freeman’s Tacos4NoneNone
South Park Mall4NoneThe port-a-potty in front of the building site