South Park The Stick of Truth Chinpokomon Locations Guide

There are 30 Chinpokomons that can be collected by following the Story mode in South Park: Stick of Truth, and exploring different locations in the Open world . Chinpokomons available while playing the story-mode are missable, because some areas get locked when you exit them and you can’t return.
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Collecting all 30 Chinpokomons rewards you with the following achievements / trophies: Poco Chinpoko, Chinpoko Ioco, Chinpokolypse “More popular than John Lennon” achievement.

South Park: The Stick of Truth Chinpokomon Locations

1. PoodleSaurus Rex (missable in the scool)

The first time when you enter the school, look for a ceiling Vent Grille, open it and collectible will drop down.

2. Roidrat (missable at the Jimmy’s Attic)

The main story will lead you to the Jimmy’s Attic. Roidrat is hidden on the floor, right below a picture of trees on the wall.

3. Beetlebot (missable at Alien Abduction Level)

Beetlebot is hidden at the very end of the Alien Abduction Level. You’ll find it at the top of the monitors.

4. Shoe (missable in the Clyde’s Tower)

Next to the Clyde’s Tower entrance, use Alien Probe and reach the top of the Tower, and collect Shoe Chinpokomon.

5. Monkay

Once you get inside Butter’s House, go upstairs and you’ll find Monkay collectible in the first room to the right with “Bill Won’t Run” posters. It’s on the ground, next to children’s toy shelves. Don’t forget to take Chaos Lair key.

6. Chu Chu Nezumi

This collectible is hidden in a tree outside your house

7. Pengin

Pengin is hidden inside Cartman’s House garage. If the garage is locked, you’ll find the key inside the house, in the nightstand, next to the house entrance door.

8. Stegmata

Iinside Kyle’s House garage. Go up the stairs, open the second door to the right, and take Broflovski Garage Key from the nightstand.

9. Fatdactyl

Head towards Theater and look for Chinpokomon Fatdactyl above the Ticket Box Office.

10. Velocirapstar

Visit Dark Meadows house, and you’ll find Velocirapstar lying at the edge of the open window. Shoot it down and grab it.

11. Vamporko

Near the Community Center, use Alien Probe to teleport inside the Basketball Court.

12. Brocorri

In front of the Tower of Peace, you’ll find a frozen Brocorri collectible. Use Cup-a-spell on the nearby lamp, melt the collectible down and collect it.

13. Lambtron

Inside the City Wok, talk to Mr. Kim and take a side-quest from him. Once you receive the quest, head to the Tower of Peace, go upstairs to the second floor, and look for a yellow bird.

14. Rabbitech

In the Police Station, go up the stairs and look for the Evidence Room on the second floor. Use the ladder and grab Chinpokomon collectible.

15. Sna-kat

Near the City Hall, look behind Father, towards the tree upper branch, and you’ll find Sna-kat in the tree.

16. FurryCat

Near the Kenny’s House, hidden between the trees.

17. Gophermon

Gophermon is hidden in the Men’s room inside the South Park Community Center, behind the last door.

18. Gunrilla (missable in the Command Center)

This collectible can be collected in the Command Center, just before zombies attack you. In the room with a white board, look up, and you will spot Chinpokomon collectible on the top of the blue cabinet.

19. Cosmonewt

Cosmonewt collectable is hidden in the Alien Spaceship at the bottom of the lake. Head to the Stark’s Pond, and use the Alien Probe to reach the Spaceship in the middle of the lake.

20. Donkeytron (missable in the school)

Return to the school, and use the side entrance “Faculty Only“. Once inside, turn right, and look for Chinpokomon Donkeytron in the oven. Turn on the stove, and use your fart to blow the oven’s door.

21. Pterdaken (missable in the school)

After collecting the previous collectible, go upstairs to the second floor of the school, turn left and open the third storage locker. Shoot your next Chinpokomon down and collect it.

22. Terribovine

Under the bench located just in front of the Tweak Bros. Coffee Shop, you will spot Terribovine collectible. In order to reach it you have to make yourself small.

23. Fetuswami (missable in the Abortion Clinic)

This collectible is located in the Abortion Clinic. You should shoot the grenade in the soldier’s hand, that will open a hole in the wall. Use Gnome Dust to become small and go through the hole.

24. Ferasnarf

Talk to mr. Mackeys in the Park Country Community Center and accept the quest Wasted Cache and get the Mackey’s Storage key. Behind the U-Stor-It Facility, you’ll find Storage #221 with Ferasnarf Chinpokomon inside.

25. Roo-Stor

At the same location, where you found the previous collectible, visit storage #223, and use Chaos Lair key found in Butter’s House near Monkay Chinpokomon collectible.

26. Accountafish

In order to collect this item, go to the Post Office and take the key from the Po Box. After collecting the key, head over to the News Office Gazette. Once inside, go to the opposite side of the room and open a small vent next to a girl sitting in the chair. Use your Gnome Dust, and then enter the vent and grab the collectible.

27. Gerbitoad

After collecting the previous collectible, head inside the sewer located in front of the Office. Gerbitoad collectable is next to a small house.

28. Biebersaurus

The next collectible is also in the sewer. Go all the way to the opposite side, use ladder and go downstairs. Follow the path until you see a red backpack. Behind the backpack you will spot a rock. Use your Nagasaki skill to destroy it, and enter the tunnel.

29. Mouse-Tik (missable in the Girl’s Hideout)

After completing the last quest for the girls “Recruit the Girls“, go to the Girl’s Hideout. After a cut-scene, you will be able to move freely through the room. Turn left and take Mouse-Tik from the ground.

30. Flowerpotamus

The last collectible is hidden in the Skeeter’s Bar, on a shelf.

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  1. S

    Gunrilla is not a missable collectable

    1. C

      When you beat the game, the mall is back and the command center no longer accessible.

  2. K

    Mouse-Tik is not a missable collectible. After you beat the game, you are able to go back into the girls bathroom near the playground where their base is located to access the shop and collect the collectible.

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