South Park The Stick of Truth Side Quests List

South Park: Stick of Truth offers many side quests that can be completed by revealing objective’s location or finding required items / persons. In the list below you will find all side quests available in the game with detailed instructions on how to complete them.
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  1. Flower for a princess

    After you talk to Kartmen for the first time, he tells you to explore the Kupa Keep area. There is a flower on the left side of the compound. When you pick it up it starts this side quest. After you give it to Kenny he will become your friend.

  2. The Timmy express

    The first travel flag will appear in Kupa Keep. Once you interact with it, new quest will start, where you have to locate 12 flags.

  3. Vulcan Around

    In Kevin Stoley’s house, in Kevin’s room, you will (obviously) find Kevin who lost his dad’s iPad. The iPad is behind a tree to the right of the church. He will befriend you after you complete this quest.
  4. Restoring the Balance

    In Elven Kingdom speak to DogPoo, who will send you to destroy five human banners.
    1. Basketball Court
    2. In front of Mr. Slave’s House
    3. In front of Kevin Stoley’s House
    4. Church
    5. Stark’s Pond
  5. Underpants

    This is a collectable quest; it doesn’t appear in your quest journal. The first Underpant you can find in Cartman’s house, in his mother’s bedroom, right bedside drawers. The second one you can find in Kevin Stoley’s bedroom, drawers next to his bed. The third one is located in Stan’s bedroom, drawers next to his bed, and the 4th one is in his parents’ room. The last one is in Kyle’s House in his room’s drawer

  6. Find Jesus

    You will get this quest from priest Maxi who’s sitting on a bench in front of the city hall. Go to the church and inside you will see Jesus playing peekaboo. Talk to him and return to priest Maxi who’ll tell you to go back and find Jesus again. This time he is hiding behind the church pulpit. Talk to him and voila, quest done. Interact with light located left and right to get some interesting pictures before and after you have to find him for the second time. Both priest Maxi and Jesus will become your friend when you finish this quest.
  7. Rats in the Cellar

    Head over to Skeeter’s Bar and talk with Skeeter. He will ask you to clear the bar’s basement of rats.
  8. Mr. Slave’s Package

    Go behind the counter in the post office, and under the “Domestic Mail” sign you can pick up an item that starts this quest. The quest’s objective is to deliver the item to Mr. Slave. He will befriend you after you complete this quest.
  9. The She-Ogre

    In order to start this quest you should talk to Stan in Elven Kingdom about her sister She-Ogre.
  10. The Homeless Problem

    The Major in City Hall will give you this quest. You have to “destroy” 7 homeless encampments around the town. One is located next to Kenny’s House. One is behind Kelly Rutherford (there is a small road hidden by trees behind the bench she is sitting on). Many Hobos can be found in the Sewers.

  11. Hide ‘n’ seek

    Obtain this quest from Filmore kid at Kids’ Park, behind the basketball hoop. Search the town for 6 kindergartners:

    1. Girl 1 – Hiding in the trees to the left of Mr. Slave’s house.
    2. Girl 2 – Behind the lamp post in front of Tower of Peace
    3. Girl 3 – Behind a tree near Stark’s Pond
    4. Boy 1 – Hiding in the sewers, the entrance is in front of the South Park Gazette.
    5. Boy 2 – On the Ranch, behind the fence in the bottom left corner
    6. Filmore – In the Bank, behind the desk

    Once you find all the Kids, talk to Filmore once again at the playground, and all the kids will become your friends.
  12. Wasted Cache

    Talk to Mr. Mackey in Community Center. He will give you a key of Storage Locker #221 behind U-Stor-It, and ask you to deposit a Monitor there. Once you place the Monitor on lowest shelf inside the Locker, return to Mr. Mackey and he’ll become your friend.
    Note: Don’t forget to take Chinpokomon Ferasnarf from his storage.
  13. Dropping the Kids Off

    In order to start this quest head to News Office Gazette, and enter Sewers in front of it. Use ladder to reach the lower platform and look for Mr. & Mrs. Hankey’s House. Your task will be to find Mrs. Hankey’s lost kids.

    Kid #1 Amber – From the house head left, and use the first ladder you come across. When you reach the upper level, turn left, use a yellow vent, and go down the ladder to save Amber.
    Kid #2 Cornwallis – After saving Amber, climb up the ladder, turn right, and go straight ahead until you reach second sewer. Use a yellow vent, go down the second ladder and defeat two Rats.
    Kid #3 Simon – After saving Cornwallis, climb up the ladders, but this time use the first ladder after the yellow vent. Keep on going right until you reach a generator. Keep on going right until you come across Angry and Drunken Hobos. Shoot the ladder to bring it down, climb up, turn left and destroy a wooden pallet to open a small entrance and enter a tunnel. Climb up the ladder and break a wooden pallet to go inside a room. Take out the rats and free Simon.
  14. Magical Songs

    In order to start this quest you must be a friend with Jimmy. You can find Jimmy in Elven Kingdom.
  15. ManBearPig

    You’ll find Al-Gore hiding behind the Theater among trees. He will ask you to place Sensors on Wind Cockerel, Fire Danger meter and Transformer.
  16. Unfriend Al-Gore

    Once you complete the previous quest, Al-Gore will contact you again and start new side quest “Unfriend Al-Gore”. Your task is to defeat him and loot his body to get a secret key. After stealing everything from the secret room, the quest will send you to the Church where you should defeat Al-Gore dressed in a ManBearPig costume.
  17. Mongolian Beef

    Start this quest in City Wok by speaking to Mr. Kim who’ll send you to beat up Mongolians in the Tower of Peace.
  18. Nazi Zombie Bounty

    Speak with Sergeant Yates in the Police Station and he will ask you to find Nazi Zombies on different locations and collect 5 Nazi Zombie Rings. The best place to look for them is near Snowman, since they will be attacking Snowman.

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  1. D

    I can’t do the police station one is it cause I beat the game?

    1. K
      King Douchebag

      Yes, that is exactly why.

    2. K
      Kennys mom

      Yeah, I bet it is so. It happend to me aswell the first time completing it. But i replayed it and while the city still were under a zombie apocalypse i manage to do the quest.

      1. D


  2. H

    police station quest can only be done when Nazi zombies break out of “taco bell”

  3. @Douchebag
    Probably yes, since there are no more zombies around to collect the rings from.

  4. S

    there is one more quest…
    “Big game huntin’ with Jimbo”
    Go to Jimbo’s store and buy a hunting guide…

  5. D

    there isn’t quest “defeat manbearpig”

    1. C

      There is. once you finish placing everything, fight al gore(a difficult battle, took me an hour i think) once he starts posting every 2 seconds. hell think your manbearpig. loot al gore, and get the secret room key. enter the room, and turn on the light. Loot the room. a while after al gore will send a message saying “I told you he was out there, hes attacking the church,” and behind a tree will be “manbearpig”(al gore) defeat him and get the claw, then al gore just lays there most of the game.

      1. C

        it took you an hour to beat al gore? god you must be so terrible.

        1. G

          It’s pretty difficult without all the OP weapons you get at the end

        2. G

          It’s pretty difficult without all the OP weapons you get at the end

  6. C
    caio silva

    and that guy in the stan room?

    1. S

      Ya, is there any way for Tom Cruise to come out of the closet? 🙂

      1. J

        nah he wont come out its just the game paying attention to the things that happens in the show if u can do that mission though u might need to find 2 other celebrities because that is how they get him out in the episode
        Hope that helped


  7. K
    King Douchebag

    I completed all these side-quests. I can’t figure what to do now… Maybe I should find the chinpokomons (26/30). What now? 🙁

    1. B
      Beyond King Douchebag

      You might not be able to complete the chinpokomons because a few of them are story mode only, and if you didn’t get them while in the story, they are lost forever….forever…..for….ever……..

  8. S
    Sir Commander King Douchebag

    This game is the best, the chinpokokon thing was the best haha

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