Spider-Man PS4 Car Chase Prisoner Crimes - How to Not Take Damage

Car Chase Prisoner Crimes, aka Convict Joyride missions, are a side activity in Spider-Man PS4. These Convict Joyride missions have bonus objectives, one of which is completing the mission while taking no damage. This is more difficult than it seems, because the criminals have a gunner on the roof, who is a scarily precise shot. Therefore, completing the car chase Prisoner Crime without taking damage is pretty tricky. With that in mind, here’s our guide on Convict Joyride Spider-Man PS4 missions – how not to take damage.

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Spider-Man PS4 Car Chase Prisoner Crimes - How to Not Take Damage
Spider-Man PS4 Car Chase Prisoner Crimes – How to Not Take Damage

How to Not Take Damage in Spider-Man PS4 Convict Joyride Missions

In order to not take damage in the Convict Joyride Prisoner Crimes missions, there are several different steps that have to work out for you. The first piece of advice we’d give you is to approach the car from the ground. We tried dodging fire while swinging, but it’s much more difficult. Instead, you should try to get ahead of the car at a safe distance, and get on the ground near to where the car is going to pass through. Try to get behind the car, and immediately when the game gives you the prompt (Triangle), hit the button to take out the gunner. If you do end up landing on the hood of the car, or you’re about to get shot, don’t waste your time at trying to dodge the fire by hitting circle. Ignore your Spidey-sense, it’ll likely not work. Instead, head immediately for the gunner, and hope for the best. Either way, take out the driver next.

The next tricky part is stopping the car itself. The final section of bringing the car to a halt includes a quicktime event, which can easily pull a fast one on you. If you don’t mash Square fast enough, the car is absolutely going to flatten you, and there goes your bonus objective. There’s no way to dodge it in the last second, as far as we could tell. You’re left to your own devices, and, if you miss your chance, you’re done for. To add to the misery, if you miss the mark by, like, a second, you’ll likely fail. So, when the animation of Spidey leaping off of the car’s hood starts playing, immediately start slamming the Square button, and keep mashing until it’s over.

Now, all that’s left for you is to clear out the remaining criminals, if you have any left. Curiously, we got shot by one of them, but it didn’t count against us in the bonus objectives. All in all, if the if you’ve managed to stop the car without taking damage, you should be okay. Just wrap it up, and be on your merry way.

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