Power Leveling - How to Level Up Fast in Destiny 2 Forsaken

Power leveling has received a bit of an overhaul in Destiny 2 Forsaken. Instead of having just one regular soft cap, we now have several even softer caps. It’s a bit pecualiar, and it will takes some time to get used to. It’s going to take a fair bit more work to become raid ready, which is probably why it wasn’t released immediately after the expansion. In this guide, we’re going to help you by showing you how to level up fast in Destiny 2 Forsaken, so you can prepare for the Dreaming City raid in time.

destiny 2 forsaken power leveling how to level up fast
Destiny 2 Forsaken Power Leveling – How to Level Up Fast

Destiny 2 Forsaken soft cap

The first soft cap you’ll run into is at power level 500. You can get to that point by completing the campaign, doing public events, killing enemies in patrol and such. Vendor equipment is also viable up until this point, so turn in your tokens and weapon parts if you’re missing a level or two. Once you hit 500, all of this becomes pretty much useless.

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How to get to power level 520?

In order to reach 520, you should concentrate on daily and weekly bounties now. Talk to Spider, Petra Venja, and all the old vendors and complete as many of these as you can. These will give you gear that is 5 levels above your current power level. Once you hit 520, the rewards for the bounties will start dropping at 1 level above yours.

How to get light level 540?

Once you’ve gotten up to 520, you’ll need to focus on Nightfall. It might be too difficult – having a reliable fireteam will make things much easier. Powerful engrams obtained from Nightfall and Dreaming City milestones will also be a lot of help. This part is going to be a slog mostly – bounties and public events will give out meager returns on your time investment, and the activities that do give good stuff will be too hard to complete.

How to reach power level 560?

Nightfall will give the best returns until you hit 540. Afterwards, you’ll only get one level above your current light level. The activity is too hard to justify playing through it just for that. Enemies in the Dreaming City go up to level 560, which means they’re your best bet for getting up there. As far as we know, nobody has reached that point yet, so we don’t have that much to go on.

How to get to light level 600?

At this point, everything you read about getting to power level 600 is pure speculation. By most accounts, the Dreaming City raid will help people get to 580, with the prestige version bumping them up to 600. We’ll know more once the raid goes live, but it looks like getting the the hard cap will be a much bigger achievement than it previously was.

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  1. I got to 508 after a week of random hour’s In the dreaming city and random stuff but am stuck at getting past it, I have no hope at raids cause I don’t know enough friends who play it who I can do even the lavithan raid with :(. Anyone who is on ps4 looking for someone add me (fergus27) so I can get to play it

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