Squadron 42 Gets a New Trailer, Still no Words About Release Date

Squadron 42 is the single-player component of Star Citizen. It should feature an epic story set across the universe and the latest trailer displays some of the environments the story takes place in. There are no details about the actual story or characters. Only a selection of scenes that, well, look pretty amazing. This doesn’t mean that Chris Roberts and Cloud Imperium Games have a firm (or loose) Squadron 42 release date.

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Squadron 42 Teaser

Squadron 42 Trailer Breakdown

While the trailer doesn’t have a single word, it’s filled with cool scenes. It’s basically a showcase for the extravagant visuals and huge scope Squadron 42 aims for. You have awe-inspiring space anomalies. Epic-looking fractured planets. Immense alien ship with a quick sneak peek of its internals and different ship designs.

Squadron 42 trailer also includes some first-person views. They show just how visually stunning Star Citizen is. Lighting is lifelike and model and texture detail are ahead of any other space sim. Not to talk about the plans to combine flying, FPS combat, and free exploration of each planet, each station in the game. Stations look really good, with huge open areas filled with people. Overall, if Cloud Imperium does manage to pull this off and release the finished campaign, Squadron 42 has all the chances to become the most expansive space game to date.

But that’s the problem with Star Citizen. Release dates were pushed multiple times. The game was originally slated for 2014. The first star system was finished a few days ago. The problem is that developers planned 100-star systems in total. And the game is still in (playable) alpha. Right now, Squadron 42 should receive a beta version in late summer, 2020. There’s still no word about even a tentative release date. But hey, at least we receive new trailers on a regular basis. That’s something.


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