CD Projekt Can Thank Geralt For Its Record Increase in Stock Value Over the Last Decade

CD Projekt was a relatively small indie developer back in 2009. The Witcher was a great game but it wasn’t a true blockbuster. But in the next decade, the series would become one of the most popular video games ever, launching CD Projekt’s market value into the stratosphere. According to a recent Bloomberg article, the Polish company experienced a rise in stock value of 21,000 percent. Yes, that’s a twenty-one thousand percent gain in market value over a decade. The insane stock success places the company ahead of every other company from Europe.

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The Witcher Was and still is CD Projekt Red’s Golden Goose

The massive gain in stock value put the company neck and neck to Ubisoft, one of the biggest publishers on the market. All thanks to the Witcher series. Even since the Witcher III came out, the company’s stocks have soared. While they experienced a small decrease in 2018 CD Projekt is still seeing a steady rise during the whole of 2019. It’s all thanks to the company’s focus of a single title at a time. That changed in the last couple of years with Gwent and Thronebreaker but at the moment it can be said that the sole focus of the whole company is on Cyberpunk 2077.

And that game will be the first major test for CD Projekt. While the Witcher III was the title that ascended them into the top tier of video game companies, Cyberpunk 2077 will be the company’s make or break moment. But right now, the company doesn’t have to worry. The Witcher series on Netflix is a massive success with the audience, reigniting the interest for the games. The game is a top seller on Steam at the moment. The Witcher 3 is also the 11th most played game on Steam at the time of writing. This can only help CD Projekt and keep its market value steady. But next April it will either impress the whole gaming world or will face failure for the first time in the company’s history.