Star Wars Battlefront 2 Beta Players Can't Party Up, Invite or Join Friends

The Star Wars Battlefront 2 beta has been having its fair share of problems. It’s understandable – after all, it’s a beta test, meant to give the devs a better idea how the game operates under heavy load, and errors are to be expected. However, some players have paid upfront in order to get early access to the beta, and they’re not happy with the state it’s in. One of the major issues seems to be the inability to party up, invite or join friends in SW Battlefront 2 beta.

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If you’re on PS4, you can easily get around this issue, by using the console’s built-in party system. Just create a party using PS’s interface and invite your friends to join the session. When you start the game, party host should select “Play Together” on the right side menu options and follow the prompts. Make sure your friends are not appearing offline. (thanks to castleXcrasher for the tip).

On PC take a look at the top right corner, there should be your Origin profile picture and a sign +0 next to it. Click on it and that menu is how you invite friends to your party.

ORIGINAL TEXT: Most of the reports are coming from Xbox players, and it’s not just friends they’re having problems with. Some have complained that they can’t even interact with people they’re playing with. Since a lot of people have bought the game specifically having in mind playing with a group of friends, it’s understandable that they’re frustrated. There seems to be no official response from either DICE or EA, sadly.

Some players believe it’s not a bug, but a conscious design decision. If so, it’s definitely the wrong one. Letting you team up with friends would give you an advantage over the other team if it were composed entirely of random players. On the other hand, the game could separate the two pools – it’s not like there won’t be enough players to do this. Make coordinated teams wait in a different queue from solitary players looking to jump into a match. This would completely root out the balance issues, while stil letting people group up however they like.

Be it a misguided feature or simply a bug, we’re hoping DICE will fix it. It’s detrimental to the experience, and it’s definitely going to stop a number of fans from experiencing the iconic setpieces and battles from their favorite galaxy far, far away.

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