Star Wars Battlefront 2 Beta Errors & Problems

The beta for Star Wars Battlefront 2 has already started for those who have preordered the game. Many are enjoying the new maps, heroes and game modes as we speak, but some are stuck in limbo, dragged down by varoius technical issues and features not working as intended. Some of these Star Wars Battlefront 2 beta errors & problems can be solved with simple tweaks and workarounds. Others are more complicated, and will have to be fixed with a patch.

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Cannot download/redeem SW Battlefront 2 beta

This is by far the most widespread issue. We’ve written how to download Star Wars Battlefront 2 beta separately, so go take a look if that’s the one that’s bothering you. In short – it’s a problem on EA’s side, they’re investigating, but there’s some stuff you could try.

Can’t party up, invite or join friends in SW Battlefront 2 beta

There are already reports of people being unable to form a party with their friends. Many have specifically bought the game in order to play it with people they know and like (or at least tolerate somehwat), so it’s understandable that they’d be annoyed by this. There is a workaround that will help you play with friends.

If you’re on PS4, you can easily get around this issue, by using the console’s built-in party system. Just create a party using PS’s interface and invite your friends to join the session. When you start the game, party host should select “Play Together” on the right side menu options and follow the prompts. Make sure your friends are not appearing offline.
On PC take a look at the top right corner, there should be your Origin profile picture and a sign +0 next to it. Click on it and that menu is how you invite friends to your party.

Can’t start SW Battlefront 2 beta on PC

Some people can’t even start the game on PC. It seems to happen to both high end and mid range machines, so it’s not a hardware issue. If this happens to you, you could try starting Origin as an admin.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 beta crashing on PC

Most of the crash reports seem to be tied to turning on the DirectX 12 rendered in the game’s settings. Since you can’t turn it off the regular way (on account of all the crashes), you’ll need to edit an .ini file. Go to C:\Users\your-username\Documents\STAR WARS Battlefront II Multiplayer Beta\settings\. Backup the files before changing anything. Open the boot options or profile options file, and look for a line that says “GstRender.EnableDx12 1” (without the quote marks). Change the value from one to zero and save the file. You should now be able to run the game without a hitch.

SW Battlefront 2 beta on Xbox One freezing after user agreement

More than a few Xbox One owners reported the game freezing after they accepted the user agreement. One of them mentioned that resetting the console to factory settings helped (they kept the games and save data, of course). We don’t recommend trying this unless you’re really desperate, since there is an off chance you could lose your save files or have to download games again.

Error code 721 – Can’t connect to Battlefront 2 servers

There have been instances of people being unable to start the game (mostly on PC), while getting this error message. It’s a networking issue, one that’s probably on the server’s side. If you want to be sure, restart your router and PC, then try again. If that doesn’t help, you’ll probably have to wait for the developers to look into this.

Rey Last Jedi outfit not appearing in SW Battlefront 2 beta

If you’ve tried playing as Rey, you might’ve noticed that you can’t actually equip the outfit from the Last Jedi. Instead, she’ll always end up in the Scavenger costume. This is a known bug, so there’s no cause for alarm.

Cannot change FOV in Star Wars Battlefront 2 PC beta

The PC version of SW Battlefront beta doesn’t allow you to change your FOV settings. Not from within the game, at least. You can change them by tweaking an ini file, of course. Go to C:\Users\your-username\Documents\STAR WARS Battlefront II Multiplayer Beta\settings\ and open the profile options in notepad (make sure you have a backup copy first). Find a line with GstRender.FieldOfView in it, and change it. It should have a value of one, so start with one point five, then finely tune it until you’re comfortable.

Controller layouts not displayed properly

If you’re playing on console, you may have noticed the Starfighter controls aren’t working well. The default layout’s rear view, for example, or the Southpaw’s analogue sticks. The commands are there, but they’re not where they’re supposed to be – the layouts in the settings are wrong. You’ll have to experiment to actually find out how they work, and hope this is fixed by the time the game launches.

Invalid licence missing DLL error

If you’re on PC, and the game crashes on startup, displaying a message about an invalid licence and missing DLL, you might be able to fix it. It’s a common error on Origin, and it is usually solved by installing a particular VC++ redistributable library. Find the game’s folder on your hard drive and look for an exe file whose name starts with “vc” (for example, vcredist_x64.exe). Run the file to install the library – this should solve your problem.
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