Star Wars Battlefront 2 Beta Errors & Problems

The beta for Star Wars Battlefront 2 has already started for those who have preordered the game. Many are enjoying the new maps, heroes and game modes as we speak, but some are stuck in limbo, dragged down by varoius technical issues and features not working as intended. Some of these Star Wars Battlefront 2 beta errors & problems can be solved with simple tweaks and workarounds. Others are more complicated, and will have to be fixed with a patch.

Cannot download/redeem SW Battlefront 2 beta

This is by far the most widespread issue. We’ve written how to download Star Wars Battlefront 2 beta separately, so go take a look if that’s the one that’s bothering you. In short – it’s a problem on EA’s side, they’re investigating, but there’s some stuff you could try.

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Can’t party up, invite or join friends in SW Battlefront 2 beta

There are already reports of people being unable to form a party with their friends. Many have specifically bought the game in order to play it with people they know and like (or at least tolerate somehwat), so it’s understandable that they’d be annoyed by this. There is a workaround that will help you play with friends.

If you’re on PS4, you can easily get around this issue, by using the console’s built-in party system. Just create a party using PS’s interface and invite your friends to join the session. When you start the game, party host should select “Play Together” on the right side menu options and follow the prompts. Make sure your friends are not appearing offline.
On PC take a look at the top right corner, there should be your Origin profile picture and a sign +0 next to it. Click on it and that menu is how you invite friends to your party.

Can’t start SW Battlefront 2 beta on PC

Some people can’t even start the game on PC. It seems to happen to both high end and mid range machines, so it’s not a hardware issue. If this happens to you, you could try starting Origin as an admin.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 beta crashing on PC

Most of the crash reports seem to be tied to turning on the DirectX 12 rendered in the game’s settings. Since you can’t turn it off the regular way (on account of all the crashes), you’ll need to edit an .ini file. Go to C:\Users\your-username\Documents\STAR WARS Battlefront II Multiplayer Beta\settings\. Backup the files before changing anything. Open the boot options or profile options file, and look for a line that says “GstRender.EnableDx12 1” (without the quote marks). Change the value from one to zero and save the file. You should now be able to run the game without a hitch.

SW Battlefront 2 beta on Xbox One freezing after user agreement

More than a few Xbox One owners reported the game freezing after they accepted the user agreement. One of them mentioned that resetting the console to factory settings helped (they kept the games and save data, of course). We don’t recommend trying this unless you’re really desperate, since there is an off chance you could lose your save files or have to download games again.

Error code 721 – Can’t connect to Battlefront 2 servers

There have been instances of people being unable to start the game (mostly on PC), while getting this error message. It’s a networking issue, one that’s probably on the server’s side. If you want to be sure, restart your router and PC, then try again. If that doesn’t help, you’ll probably have to wait for the developers to look into this.

Rey Last Jedi outfit not appearing in SW Battlefront 2 beta

If you’ve tried playing as Rey, you might’ve noticed that you can’t actually equip the outfit from the Last Jedi. Instead, she’ll always end up in the Scavenger costume. This is a known bug, so there’s no cause for alarm.

Cannot change FOV in Star Wars Battlefront 2 PC beta

The PC version of SW Battlefront beta doesn’t allow you to change your FOV settings. Not from within the game, at least. You can change them by tweaking an ini file, of course. Go to C:\Users\your-username\Documents\STAR WARS Battlefront II Multiplayer Beta\settings\ and open the profile options in notepad (make sure you have a backup copy first). Find a line with GstRender.FieldOfView in it, and change it. It should have a value of one, so start with one point five, then finely tune it until you’re comfortable.

Controller layouts not displayed properly

If you’re playing on console, you may have noticed the Starfighter controls aren’t working well. The default layout’s rear view, for example, or the Southpaw’s analogue sticks. The commands are there, but they’re not where they’re supposed to be – the layouts in the settings are wrong. You’ll have to experiment to actually find out how they work, and hope this is fixed by the time the game launches.

Invalid licence missing DLL error

If you’re on PC, and the game crashes on startup, displaying a message about an invalid licence and missing DLL, you might be able to fix it. It’s a common error on Origin, and it is usually solved by installing a particular VC++ redistributable library. Find the game’s folder on your hard drive and look for an exe file whose name starts with “vc” (for example, vcredist_x64.exe). Run the file to install the library – this should solve your problem.
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  1. G

    I cannot join a game, in fact, cannot leave the menu, it throws me back after 5-10 seconds after the map started loading. Or it just throws me back instantly. Is it also a connection error?

    I know it is beta, but shouldn’t they have been expecting it?

    Seriously, I could wait for another 3 months for the game, if they first do a bug check. And a team ballancing check, because that sucked balls in bf 1.

    1. T

      I had this earlier today. I rebooted my system and it worked.

      The reason for doing beta tests is to find problems like these. I would rather find these problems in a beta than not have the test and they are broke on launch.

  2. J
    Jeremy McLaughlin

    Southpaw flight controls DO NOT work as they are described in the in game controls setting. It SAYS that southpaw= throttle and roll on the right stick, and pitch and yaw arw in the left, but this is not true, when using southpaw, all it does is switch it so pitch and roll are on the right stick. So, pretty much cant even freaking play any air combat. The way its WRITTEN is perfect, but OF COURSE it doesnt actually work that way.

    1. S

      Im having this same issue. Doesnt is seam like one of the first things should do while testing a game is make sure the controler mapping is functioning as intended? The ault mode is at least fun but i was looking forward to playing the space battles. Hopefully a fix will be here er by the end of today or early tomorow.

      1. J

        Yep, I really hope they fix it too, I’ve played to many different air combat games for way to long, and if I actually sit and conciously think about what I’m doing, I can do OK, the problem is that as soon as battle Gets hairy, muscle memory takes over and I inevitably end up flying in to a star destroyer or something, lol,I could deal with this in campaign mode MAYBE, but it’s just to annoying in mp, I need to think about my next maneuver, not what button does what to accomplish said maneuver while being shot at!!! This is the only glaring issue I’ve noticed so far and other than this the game has been REALLY fun, like competes with cod fun, but this makes the space battles SOOOO frustrating, it ruins the fun factor. PLEASE FIX THIS EA!!!!

        1. J

          Actually I must ammendment my previous comment, I have noticed one other issue, and that’s the fact that once your in a pre game lobby waiting for the countdown timer to start the match, your stuck, can’t back out, so when 15 people leave the lobby, or the lobby glitches or breaks or whatever you want to call it (which pretty much ALL mp games do from time to time), the only option you have to find a new lobby is to close the app and restart it, or just wait for God only knows how long. That and the flight controls are 2 pretty much MASSIVE issues in my opinion, hope EA is paying attention and fixes this stuff asap!!!!!

    2. S

      Yes indeed, flying is impossible for me.
      I was so good with battlefield planes, but here… Fuck.
      All i want is just using my left stick for almost everything, the right only for throttle and some roll adjustments…

      1. M

        I don’t think Dice has ever done a good job with flight controls, even in the Battlefield series. I’m a real-world pilot, but I cannot fly the fixed-wing aircraft in Battlefield to save my life because they don’t react aerodynamically like real aircraft. They’re very “arcadish” in their behavior. I am so far having similar problems in Battlefront II, but at least in that case I have the excuse that I don’t have any feel for how a “real” star fighter should behave :- )

    3. N

      I have the same problem. Left handed so wish southpaw worked

  3. B
    Bailey Young

    The game is not working!!! It’s making me mad! It keeps freezing at the user agreement page!

    1. M

      Cannot get past user agreement either

    2. A
      Antonio Michael

      Same things for me won’t let me accept user agreement on Xbox one

    3. M

      Same for me. Can’t get past user agreement

      1. L

        Same thing for me. Deleted the game and re-downloaded the game and re-downloaded…that didn’t work. Then I logged on to my other xbox and excepted it on there…that worked…but now it’s doing it again and I can’t skip the intro or anything….none of the buttons work…only in game though. Menu works any other game works. Just not in game.

    4. B

      Same here. I uninstalled the game, re downloaded it, and still the same issue.

  4. E

    I can launch the game but it keeps minimizing to the try. Only game I own that is doing it so I don’t “think” its a setting on my PC.

  5. H

    I tried using Origin as adm, but it still did not work. It only shows me a black screen, and then the game closes

      1. J

        I also can’t get the game to work on PC. I’ve verified download files, deleted and re-installed Origin and run Origin as an administrator but failed to get it to work on all counts.

  6. R

    Can’t connect Xbox one error code 721

  7. Hello… if you have this problem. Just turnoff the console… Disconect to electricity and connect again… this work for me

  8. B

    Xbox one users having an issue inviting friends? Can’t invite people from the game and can’t even invite them from the party. Also game clips refuse to upload and it doesn’t say I or anyone else is playing the game. It just says “home” on anyone on the game.

  9. C

    I can only do the arcade. When I find a multiplayer game I get an error code 2593. Telling me oops something went wrong

  10. D
    David dadami

    Screen froze after I hit “Accept user agreement”. I had to restart a couple times to even get back to the same point.
    All I needed to do was scroll down to the bottom of user agreement, THEN hit accept.
    Usually a system either accepts without your going all the way down, or issues a prompt, “Please read entire agreement” or some such thing.

    1. T

      The scroll doesn’t even work for me and i restarted xbox and re-downloaded the game multiple times.

  11. C

    There is a workaround that allows you to play with friends on PS4. Start a party and use the “Play Together” feature. Worked for me and a friend.

  12. S

    I am having a problem with battlefront 2 I have an xbox one, when I starts the game it works till the user agreement but when I try to scroll down or do anything on the agreement it does nothing like my controller isn’t connected but I can go to the xbox menu and play other games just fine. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling twice can I get some help?

    1. A
      Andrew Cerboni

      Honestly I’ve had the exact same problem you are having. I tried talking to an EA Agent earlier today and they gave me a complicated process of sort of getting the game to work up to getting to the menu. Then when I had tried getting onto the game again later on (that being now) I have the exact same problem you are having again. So I’m guessing we might just have to wait it out, or continue on trying to contact them about the problem. :/ (sorry I was of no help btw, just wanted to let you know you aren’t the only one)

    2. G

      Bro same fucking problem I call tech on Xbox this morning and just told me to redowloand or and still won’t work but

    3. A
      aidan correia

      If you do a hard reset on your Xbox one, this problem will be fixed. You must hold the power button for 10 seconds. The console will shut off, then turn it back on and load it again. I had the same issue but this fixed it.

  13. V

    Anyone figure out workaround for joining friends on PS4? We always see a “no friends online” message when attempting to party up.

    1. C

      A I stated above there is a workaround on PS4. Simply start a PS4 party. Invite your friends and launch the game. Use the Play Together feature found in the Party menu. Enjoy!

  14. J

    I can join game and but can’t see anyone as they won’t load in? All I see is their heads and the weapons they are carrying that is it makes it unplayable

  15. P
    Peter Nobbs

    Ok so finally got passed the user agreement thanks to the comments above. Opened 3 loot crates from the menu. The menu then vanish and so there was just a background. Now every time I load it plays the intro video which can’t be skipped even though it says it can and then one controls work when it does come up. Never gonna get to play this game!

  16. G
    Gary Styles

    Just update your Xbox in the settings menu if you are having a problem with the buttons not working after the lisence agreement That’s what I did for mine and works perfectly now. You will have to go to settings and go to the updates area then check for update and download the update.

  17. A

    Every time I try to load up the game it says I have an “invalid license” and that I’m “missing DLL”?

  18. D

    System Specs:
    MB:970-g45A (up to date drivers)
    Graphics: geforce 1050ti
    Processor: AMD 8350 8 Core
    RAM: 8GB

    I’m not sure if it’s my jenky nvidia/AMD situation going on, but all drivers are up to date. I’ve made sure any value related to DX12 is at 0 or off. I’ve turned off origin overlay, and I’ve also tried setting memory allocation to high for the game. Everything I’ve tried results in crashing usually after games, but I have experienced in-game crashes as well.

    Anyone have any possible insight? 3,:

    1. M

      Run DxDiag and if you see DX12 enabled in it anywhere turn DX12 back on. The other thing about the AMD 8350 and NVidia 1050ti who is to say that this is not causing a problem it would be nice if you could just pop in a RX 480or 500 to see what that does. does the 1050ti even support DX12? Some earlier cards do not so that is why all the problems. I tend to stay away from Nvidia if I have a AMD processor. I have a AMD 8350 processor with 16 gb of ram and a AMD RX480 with 4 gb of ram Battlefront II runs jus fine with DX 12 turned on.

  19. J
    Joshua Siret

    Has anyone got past the controller problem on Xbox one? My settings are up to date and I’ve tried switching users, re downloading and turning my Xbox one off and also reset. Just wana play the god damn beta!

  20. J
    Justin Farley

    My computer is literally crashing so hard that all power cuts out and it restarts itself. It happens only when I’m attempting to load into any match whatsoever. This is going to kill my C drive if someone can’t help me out here.

  21. J

    Game windows pops up for 3-5 secs and it closes. wtf? can anyone help me pls.

  22. S

    I can’t find the DX12 File, can you tell me where it is as i’ve checked it everywhere in the SW BF 2 Beta Folder….?

  23. P
    Perla Munoz

    I’m not able to join to any multiplayer game. I always get the 1066 error code. I’m on PS4.

  24. Y
    Yoshi Smith

    It started loading the Naboo map then kicked me back to the lobby. I know it’s beta and there are bound to be problems but the developers should expect a lot of people will be playing so they should have prepared for that.

    1. C

      Every time im doing a lot of kills in Starfighter mode, The game kicks me to menu. It’s very suspiciius that always happends to me when im the first in points and kills in the game.

  25. Y
    Yoshi Smith

    And it briefly said that the server was full.

  26. Y
    Yoshi Smith

    Gonna go play the Fortnite beta. I think it’s a beta.

  27. J
    Jacob Gustafson

    Can’t get past the intro. Won’t let me skip. Dosent go to game when intro is over

  28. C
    Christopher Jennings

    Can’t leave the lobby after a game, never ending loading

  29. G
    Grant Butler



  30. J
    Jay Hebrard

    Stuck at the Accept User Agreement Page Still, seems the people who I know pre-purchased the game are the ones having the problem on getting passed the Agreement Page. The others I know who received a Beta Code without purchase have been able to get in without the issue. EA has not fixed or answered this for anyone to this point from what I have seen. Poor customer support from EA for those who support the industry.

    XBox 1 Platform

  31. M

    Still getting error 721 and 2593 u would think these would be fixed or have a better description that something failed try again by now. I’m probally gonna return this game if it’s not fixed in a few days.

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