Star Wars Battlefront 2 Beta Crashes & Freezing Make It Unplayable

If you’re following the Star Wars Battlefront 2 closed beta situation, while waiting for the open test to start, you’ve probably caught wind of the plethora of problems it’s having at the moment. Things aren’t exactly working as intended, but that’s par for the course for a beta test. The real problem arises when developers dangle early access to the beta in front of players, offering it as a reward for preordering. Some of those players, who’ve bought their right to test an unfinished game, are experiencing technical issues. The most damaging are the Star Wars Battlefront 2 beta crashes & freezing, which make it completely unplayable for some.

star wars battlefront 2 beta crashes freeze
Star Wars Battlefront 2 Beta Crashes & Freezing Make It Unplayable

A bunch of Xbox owners have been complaining about the beta freezing when they reach the licence agreement screen. It would stop responding as soon as they’d try to accept the terms. It seems the only way to solve this is to reset the console back to factory settings. You can do this while still retaining your installed games and save data, but it’s still a nuissance.

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PC players, on the other hand, are experiencing crashes more often than their console brethren. Most of these seem to be cause by the accursed DirectX 12 renderer. Do not, under any circumstance, enable this option in the settings. If you’ve already done it, and you are experiencing heavy crashes, than that’s most probably the cause. It can be fixed by tweaking an ini file – we have a detailed explanation in our SW Battlefield 2 errors guide.

Playstation users seem to have gotten away mostly unscathed – although they did have a tought time redeeming codes and downloading the game yesterday. They did eventually get to play the game, after the initial few hours of hick-ups, so they’re far better off than the others.

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  1. N

    On my PC enabling dx12 freezes the whole windows and i have to restart it by holding the power button. (But my GPU supports dx12 and it is installed)

  2. D

    Does anyone else with the full PC trooper version see pauses and freezing when a match first starts? It usually smooths out somewhat after awhile but initially just have to lean back from keyboard and mouse until the freeze is over. I’ve tried every form of troubleshooting imaginable. My setup is I5 2500k / ASRock P67 mobo / 8 to 16 GB (tried different combinations to rule out bad ram) / NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti (with latest drivers). Any suggestions or thoughts would be very much welcomed…thanks

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