Boba Fett Details Revealed | Star Wars: Battlefront

In a new post on the official Star Wars: Battlefront blog, EA have revealed new details about Boba Fett, a playable Villain. They talk about his weapons and abilities, and how he fits into the battles.

star wars battlefront boba fett villain
First and foremost, Boba will be able to fly.
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His jetpack won’t have unlimited fuel, so you’ll have to land and refill from time to time, but he’ll be able to fly nontheless. Naturally, shooting from the air will be tricky, as it usually is, but he’ll be highly mobile.

As far as equipment is concerned, he’ll have a blaster rifle and two wrist launchers. One will fire rockets, while the other will be a compact flamethrower, meant for close quarter situations.

Fighting against Boba will be all about predicting his movement and where he’s going to land next. Hitting him while he’s airborne will be difficult, so you’ll have to guess how much fuel he’s got and when he’s going to drop down to resupply.

We’ll get the chance to try him out on November 17th, which is when Star Wars: Battlefront comes out on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

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