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Star Wars Battlefront Double XP Weekend July 13-16

Star Wars Battlefront Double XP Weekend July 13-16

EA is giving Star Wars Battlefront players a special weekend. From July 13th to Sunday, July 16th, you’ll be able to earn double XP in the game. The bonus will apply to all maps and game modes. Although the announcement doesn’t mention it, the Double XP weekend will likely be available for all three platforms…

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sullust battle mode collectibles battlefront

Sullust Collectibles

Sullust collectibles are transparent diamond emblems you can find in Star Wars: Battlefront. They can only be obtained in solo and co-op modes – that…

swb collectible locations endor battle

Endor Collectible Locations

Endor collectibles in Star Wars: Battlefront are floating diamonds that can be found in single-player missions on the forest moon. There’s five of them in…

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where to find collectibles on hoth

Hoth Collectible Locations

Hoth collectibles in Star Wars: Battlefront are transparent diamonds. They can be picked up in single-player game modes, and finding them all unlocks another star…

star wars battlefront errors problems solutions

Errors & Problems in SW: Battlefront

The Star Wars: Battlefront beta has started, and problems are popping up all over. Some of them can be solved with simple tweaks, while others…

star wars battlefront tatooine collectible locations

Tatooine Collectible Locations

There are collectibles to be found on Tatooine in Star Wars: Battlefront. They are available only during solo missions – Battle, Survival and Hero Battle….

star wars battlefront vehicles list

Battlefront Vehicles List

There are lots of vehicles in Star Wars: Battlefront, including walkers and starships. Most of them can be used in battle, while others only appear…

star wars battlefront fighter squadron mode guide

Fighter Squadron Mode Guide

Fighter Squadron is a dogfighting mode in Star Wars: Battlefront. It lets up to 20 players fly TIE Fighters and Interceptors, X-Wings and A-Wings in…

star wars battlefront beta launch times

Battlefront Beta Launch Times

The Star Wars: Battlefront beta will be starting tomorrow (Oct 8th) and ending on Monday (Oct 12th). Everyone is welcome to try it out on…

Star Wars Battlefront PC System Requirements

Battlefront PC System Requirements

The Star Wars Battlefront open beta is scheduled for October 8th. In the list below you can find confirmed minimum and recommended system requirements for the PC version of Star Wars Battlefront

star wars battlefront walker assault game mode guide

Walker Assault Mode Guide

Walker Assault is a large-scale battle mode in Star Wars: Battlefront. It pits two groups of 20 against each other – one trying to protect…

star wars battlefront drop zone game mode

Drop Zone Mode Guide

Drop Zone is a game mode in Star Wars: Battlefront. It sees two teams of 8 fighting over drop pods in the field of battle….

star wars battlefront survival mode guide

Survival Mode Guide

Survival is one of the game modes in Star Wars: Battlefront. It can be played solo or with another player. In it, the player(s) defend…

star wars battlefront beta details

Star Wars: Battlefront Beta Details

DICE and EA have released new information about the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront beta. It will start on October 8th, and anyone is welcome to…

star wars battlefront luke skywalker hero

Introducing Luke Skywalker in SW:B

EA have published a new blog post in which they detail Luke Skywalker, one of the playable Heroes in the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront, how…

star wars battlefront darth vader

Introducing Darth Vader in SW:B

Over on their official Star Wars: Battlefront blog, EA have published a few choice details about Darth Vader and how it will be like stepping…

star wars battlefront ps4 bundle

Star Wars: Battlefront Playstation 4 Bundle

Sony and EA have announced two different bundles containing Star Wars: Battlefront and the Playstation 4 console. Both are available for preorder now, and both…

star wars battlefront drop zone mode

Drop Zone Game Mode Detailed

A new game mode for Star Wars: Battlefront has been revealed today. It’s called Drop Zone, and it’s a riff on the age-old theme of…

star wars battlefront beta announcement

SW: Battlefront Beta Announced

EA have finally caved in and announced that Star Wars: Battlefront will have an open beta test. The test is supposed to happen in early…

star wars battlefront boba fett villain

Boba Fett Details Revealed in SW:B

In a new post on the official Star Wars: Battlefront blog, EA have revealed new details about Boba Fett, a playable Villain. They talk about…

star wars battlefront supremacy mode detailed

Supremacy Mode For SW: Battlefront Detailed

In an new blog update, the developers behind Star Wars: Battlefront talk about a new game mode called Supremacy. It’s all about the control points…

star wars battlefront aerial combat trailer

SW: Battlefront Aerial Combat Trailer

EA have showcased Star Wars: Battlefront at Gamescom 2015, giving us a glimpse of the aerial combat mode. Fighter Squadron, as the mode is called,…

playstation e3 2015

Sony E3 2015 Press Conference

Sony’s press conference took place in the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena. After attending the Bethesda and Ubisoft conferences, which were held in theaters, the…