Errors & Problems in Star Wars: Battlefront

The Star Wars: Battlefront beta has started, and problems are popping up all over. Some of them can be solved with simple tweaks, while others are more complicated. In this guide, we’re going to list all the known issues in Star Wars: Battlefront beta, and ways to solve the ones that can be solved.

Error Code CE-34632-8 says Player “Must Update The Application”

When a player checks for updates it says that the application is up to date with the current version. Even if you try deleting and re-downloading the game you’ll have the same problem. This is a known issue and Electronic Arts announced via Twitter that they are looking into the issue.

No servers found / Can’t find servers

Players who are not able to find servers should restart Origin, and also make sure your game is not missing any updates.

Star Wars Battlefront black screen

If you’re playing the PC version and the game just gives you a black screen after you start it, there’s a couple of things you could try:
  • Update your graphics card driver.
  • Reinstall Origin (not the game itself).
  • Laptop users: force the game to use the Nvidia/AMD graphics card.
  • If you have SLI/Crossfire, disable it.
  • If you’re using TeamViewer, turn it off. Same goes for Skype and IM programs in general.
  • If you’re on Windows 7, make sure you have Service Pack 1 installed (right click on My computer, then Properties).
Sadly, there’s no guarantee any of these will help you, but they have helped other people.

Stuck at “Press Enter to Start”

If you’re playing on PC, you might be getting stuck at the “Press Enter to Start” screen. Several things might help:
  • If you own a gamepad, try plugging it in.
  • If you’re using Windows 8 or 8.1, try disabling UEFI secure boot.
  • If you have an onboard/Intel graphics card and a discrete one (AMD/Nvidia), force the game to use the latter.
  • You could try using the on-screen keyboard from the Start Menu.
  • If you’re on a laptop, try hooking it up to an external monitor or TV using a HDMI cable.
  • Try running the game in windowed mode: Alt+Enter after it starts, or add “-windowed” in launch options.

How to play SW: Battlefront with friends

A party system is implemented into the game, but it’s currently not working properly. If you try using it and don’t manage to get onto the same server as your friends, you’ll just have to wait for the developers to come up with a fix.

This game has not been unlocked

More than a few PC users have reported an issue where the game says it’s not yet unlocked even though it should be. The best thing to do in this case is wait for a while – it seems like launch times are being pushed back in some places, while access is being granted in waves in others. Be patient.

Star Wars: Battlefront crashes on PC

If you’re experiencing crashes of any kind on the PC version (especially if you’re running an older graphics card), you could try adding some launch options to the game:
  • Right-click on the game in Origin.
  • Choose Game Properties.
  • Type “-novid -noborder -windowed” in the box (without the quotation marks).
  • Check “Disable Origin in Game for this game”.

DLL missing: MSVCP120.dll

If you get an error message saying Dll missing: MSVCP120.dll, you should try reinstalling Visual C++ Redistributables, specifically the vcredist 2013 (x64 for the 64 bit version of Windows, x86 for the 32 bit one).

We’ll keep updating this guide with new issues and solutions for the duration of the beta.

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  1. T

    What if I’m running Windows 10 and still stuck on the “Press Enter to start” screen?

    1. E

      I have the exact same problem my “Press enter to start” thing doesnt work I dont own a gamepad and I dont have next gen consoles i was so excited for this game and now I cant even play it!

      1. Z

        it doesnt work damnit!

      2. J

        same here, and I just have the intel graphics driver, not nvidia or anything else. anyone have any other ideas??

        1. J

          Has anyone with Windows 10 gotten it to work yet?

          1. S

            I am on Windows 10 and it works perfectly fine. My graphics card is an NVIDIA GTX 970 and the game runs on ultra graphics 60 fps

          2. F

            only for 10 mins

          3. B

            maybe run as administrator, or even in compatibility mode for windows 8

        2. K

          The exact same thing is happening to me. Super disappointing, I was so excited to play this game.

        3. F
          Fake Name

          adding the “-novid -noborder -windowed” fixed my game where I was stuck at the press enter and DirectX crashing

          1. M

            Where do you put the -novid -noborder -windowed?

          2. B

            Go on Game Properties

          3. N

            how do u get to the launch options

          4. T


          5. J

            worked for me as well!! been trying for days to sort it, thanks!!

        4. E

          I just have a nice basic computer i5 processor 1tb of storage and 8gb of ram and no special graphics cards im so frustrated i cant play the tie fighters flying across the screen! Its so annoying I reset the intel graphics which I have and still didnt make a difference. HELP! anyone know how to solve this

          1. B

            lol no special graphic cards = u can’t run this game even without stuck bug. so forget about the game and buy a GPU.

        5. J
          John Marianos

          This BETA won’t run without a dedicated gpu. I’m pretty sure…

        6. D
          Don't worry about it

          Sorry, Josiah, but only the Intel hd graphics 5500 integrated card is strong enough to run battlefront, you’ll need to upgrade your gpu, unless you upgrade your cpu to one with the 5500 integrated card

          1. P
            Please help! Stuck on Enter! (I have intel hd 5500)

            WTH I HAVE THE INTEL HD GRAPHICS 5500! IT AIN’T WORKING. ENTER IS STUCK. And the intel core i5-5200u

      3. Z

        Same except i have windows 8.1

      4. S

        Same thing happened for me, it worked once, so I just recomennd restarting and trying again for awhile.

      5. F

        Nothing to say that I do work, but I’ve already solved easily. just make sure that your CPU has all active cores. when you activate all cores you can play without black screen. On the internet there are good tutorial on how to do it.

    2. I

      Have the same problem!

    3. N

      Found the solution. If this is paired with an error saying something along the lines of your Intel drivers are out of date, do you want to continue anyways, as seen here , then Battlefront is trying to launch with your integrated Intel graphics card, rather than your dedicated card. For some reason this causes the “Press enter to continue” lockout. I found this guide that shows you how to correct it, , be sure to select Battlefront as the program you’re changing the settings for in the 4th step. Hope this helps!

      1. T

        My Battlefront was running perfectly yesterday however today I’ve started getting the Intel driver not up to date error. I’ve done what you recommended and set Battlefield to run using just the Nvidia card via Control Panel, however I’m still getting the Intel error and the load screen is still locked? That is, I can’t press enter even though I can tell it’s using my Nvidia card as there’s no lag on the start screen. How do I get past this point?

        1. R

          what you need to do is go to the taskbar and right click, select tool bars and add on screen keyboard. before starting the game activate the on screen keyboard and the problem should be fixed. it works for me so i dunno :/

        2. E

          same here, i get an error msg you have lost connection to ea servers or i am stuck in loading screen

      2. E

        THATS EXACTLY WHAT IS SHOWN BEFORE LAUNCH! But when I don’t have any other Nvidia graphics cards or anything so does that mean I cant play because I just have Intel’s integrated graphics??? Surely their must be a way for it to work with intels intergrated graphics

      3. M

        How can you do the same for AMD Radeon

      4. C

        Thank you man, that was it. I was really queasy about updating my BIOS for the new Intel driver (bricked a system once, I shoulda spammed F1 more). I wonder why Nvidia would want to run the IGPU by default, being how they released a Geforce Experience update and a new driver recently. It seems pretty dumb. Anyway, you did find the solution for both of us, thanks for sharing.

    4. S

      I’m having the exact same problem, do you think its maybe Windows 10?

    5. J

      tab out. (alt + tab) now go back to the game and start pressing enter. Don’t stop even if you see the black screen just keep press enter.

      1. E

        every time i play on multiplayer on my ps4, in the middle of a game it says the game is unplayable because my internet connection is very bad. I use LAN cable and I’ve tested the internet connection

    6. C

      same problem ive tried everything updating my drivers and im on windows 10 dual booted so it wont let me do the uefi thing and it just wont work. bullcrap i was so stoked for this game DOES ANYONE HAVE A BETTER ANSWER PLEASE!!!

    7. R

      Same here! Im using Windows 10 and when i press enter nothing happens! I was so excited! What a disappointment.
      Will this be fixed anytime soon?!

    8. B

      close everything right click origin “run with graphics processor” then click on “high-performance nvidia processor” when origin opens and u log in DO NOT open game through origin instead go to battlefront desk top icon (on your desktop) and right click battlefront icon “run with graphics processor” then click on “high-performance nvidia processor”

    9. T

      Using a gamepad works for me…

      1. S

        Same here… I get the intel drivers error msg when launching the game.
        I can only play it with a gamepad and I suck at it.

        1. L
          Luke Skywalker

          Had the problem with the “press enter” screen. Plugged in my gamepad and it switched from enter to the “A” button. pressed it and it worked fine then I just unplugged the controller and used my keyboard and mouse

    10. S

      If you are stuck on this screen i find that pressing the windows key, then double clicking battlefront 3 and then double click it again gets you through this screen.

    11. J

      I play and my screen just freezes and stops working i then have to exit and try it again 5 to 6 times till it works and it will only play for 20 min then it will freeze i don’t get it help
      win 10
      gtx 750 ti
      Pentium g630 (when i do get to play for a short time before it crashes and freezes it runs 60fps utlra so idk!)

      1. S

        Same it always happens to me to

    12. M

      Same issue for me. I got it to work by turning on my on-screen keyboard and spamming the enter button with battlefront minimized. Worked from there.

    13. E

      Me too, this sucks

    14. D
      Don't worry about it

      If I were you, I would still try all of it, it doesn’t specify for Windows 10, but you disable the UEFI security boot in bios

    15. D

      This is not a rare thing then…

    16. D

      try doing this
      1). go to the start menu and go to the settings.
      2). then go to devices and press device manager at the bottom.
      3). then go back into star wars battlefront and you should be able to play it.

      Note: if your game is windowed then just follow the steps but instead of going in the game, minimize the device manager and close the settings. then press enter and you should be able to play it.

  2. C

    I had the black screen problem. I uninstalled Origin and that worked a charm.

  3. E

    Big big up for help!!! i was also stuck at the “press enter so start” screen. standard graphics processor change helped

    1. F

      How did you change graphics processor ?!?

      cant get this shit to work, stuck on “enter” screen, and get the enoying warning pop-up when launching

      1. J

        ^^ I am stuck at the startup screen as well. What is this standard graphics processor change magic?!

      2. S

        I went to the nvidia control panel and then went to the left side and clicked on “Manage 3D Settings”. After that I went to the drop don window near the top ans selected “High performance Nvidia processor”

        1. C

          WHAT IF YOU HAVE GODDAM INTEL!!!! all these nvidia people are killing me i dont have a friggen nvidia card i have intel what do i do!??!?!

          1. B

            idiot, you can’t even run the game with intel graphics. u have to learn what “Minimum requirement” means.

      3. N

        This guide goes through it in detail, , be sure to select Battlefront as the program you’re changing the settings for in the 4th step. Hope this helps!

    2. D

      I changed this also and it did not work. Do i have to do it a different way than through my Nvidea graphics settings?

      1. N

        Go through the steps again, be sure you’re changing the default settings for Battlefront, not just the default game it selects.

  4. J

    so how do you fix the problem of the hud being on the left screen when playing at a rezolution of 5760×1080. all thi info you need in game is so hard to see and there is no way to aim even when you scope in it only works on the left screen

    1. M

      Same problem 980ti

    2. T

      I had the same problem and just ran it on windowless border and works fine

    3. L

      Hi, have you resolve the problem? if yes how, i ve got the same problem

    4. K

      Same problem, GTX780 SLI

  5. D

    I have tried everything posted here and it still will not move forward from the Press Start screen. Any other help is greatly appreciated. I am running windows 8.1 on a laptop. It boots up just fine but when i get to the Press start screen it just wont go forward.

    1. N

      If this is paired with an error saying something along the lines of your Intel drivers are out of date, do you want to continue anyways, as seen here , then Battlefront is trying to launch with your integrated Intel graphics card, rather than your dedicated card. For some reason this causes the “Press enter to continue” lockout. I found this guide that shows you how to correct it, , be sure to select Battlefront as the program you’re changing the settings for in the 4th step. Hope this helps!

      1. P

        That was the 1st thing I did, it only allowed me to enter to the start screen, but the intel error keeps poping up. I can only pass the star screen with a controller, but I suck at playing FPS with it… I don’t know what to do, I tried every single thing up there and none worked so far…

  6. J

    None of these worked. When I click on the game it takes a second and than it says “STAR WARS Battlefront Beta has stopped working”

  7. V

    How do i force the game to use my Nvidia graphics card?

    1. N

      Take a look at this guide, , be sure to select Battlefront as the program you’re changing the settings for in the 4th step. Hope this helps!

    2. F

      Run NVidia Control Panel, Manage 3D settings, select a program to customize, add a program, set Battlefront to use the correct card.

  8. P

    Stuck at the press enter screen. No gamepad, no beta access. Seriously. WTF.

  9. 8

    Thanks for the help, now the game start up but the CPU usage is so high that the game is almost unresponsive……

    1. T

      Yeap. the game uses up around 89-98% of my cpu, and when it hits the higher numbers, it just freezes (which happens about 5-10 min in). Note I’m using an overclocked 3.2 GHz cpu (clocked to 4.1). It’s been fine on every game so far but, hey, BF Beta is just what it says – Beta.

  10. B

    When I click on its icon, It isn’t doing anything.

  11. P

    Press start stuck :/

  12. B

    i get black screen and can’t even get CTRL-ALT-DEL to work, worried it’s gonna wreck my PC!! im waiting till they fix it!

    1. J

      i had that, I just closed my computer and then opened it after a bit and then after waiting awhile and trying ctrl-alt-del it became unfrozen

  13. D

    Got stuck at “Press ‘Enter’ to Start” reinstalled Origin and currently reinstalling the game hoping it works

  14. E

    How do you “force the game to use the latter”

  15. B

    When I first tried to play, it said I had to update my drivers at intel so I did. After that I restarted my computer and tried again and it still wont let me play!

    1. J

      That happened with me aswell im soo angry right now! >/ >/ >/

    2. C

      I was having the same issue, however after a quick google search on how to force a graphics card, here’s what I came up with.

      Find the .exe file for SWBF under program files and origin games. Then right click graphics processor and change the default to nvidia, not intel.
      Hope this helps

      1. A

        I have this same problem, but I can’t right click and change the graphics processor like you explained. What else can I do?

  16. M

    I think EA wants us to buy a DLC to get past the start screen…..

    1. P

      Lololol… I wouldn’t be surprised.

  17. N

    My game keep crashing every 10-15 minutes… None of these helped. Got i7 4790k and GTX 980Ti

    1. H

      Same here…Keep getting display driver crashes and everything is updated

  18. D

    I too had the problem with “Press Enter to Start.” Plugging in my wired 360 controller has allowed me to get past it and play, but still won’t let me use my mouse/keyboard. I’m glad this page gave me the workaround, but its no fun getting pwned because I suck at shooters when using a gamepad these days.

    1. A

      Having exactly the same. The only workaround is plugging in a controller.

    2. A
      angus m

      It’s not you. I’m great with controller games and this game has zero stick sensitivity so you are either turning in a circle or standing still. had the same problem with dice games on ps4. had to go to deep deep underground menu and fuck with the sensitivity for 20m to get it right. On a console. where the controller is manditory. dice does not like consoles because they are assholes.

  19. S

    if your game crashes when you press enter, try to press ALT AND ENTER this should force the game to windowed mode and THEN try to press ENTER again! worked for me

  20. R
    Romain V

    I had the problem Stuck at “Press Enter to Start” on PC (gtx 850m and i7 710HQ).
    For me :
    First solution solve the probleme but I kept playing on my onboard/Intel graphics card so 19 fps and I’m force to use the controller (unplayable).
    Second solution don’t do anything.
    Third solution works but I have another problem I can’t play on fullscreen so 29 fps (unplayable).
    Anyone got or solve this problem of fullscreen ?

    1. L

      I have the same computer, how you force the nvidia? how i do the 1º and 3º step?

    2. D
      Daniel Thomas

      I have the same hardware, but I can’t even get past the black screen issue.

  21. C

    Constantly crashing and ‘not available’ i7 4790 and GTX960 – guess there is a reason for Beta / stress testing, but EA / Origin never learn….. Most I have played is about 30-seconds, then takes forever for it to rethink, recycle for me to get dumped out again and again…..

  22. R

    Battlefront crashes on PC
    1. •Update your graphics card driver -done but continue crash on start.
    2. •Reinstall Origin (not the game itself) -done find newer version but continue crash on start.
    3. Add Game Properties -novid -noborder -windowed. -done but continue crash on start.
    Hardware information:
    2x Xeon 5310
    9GB Fully Buffered Registered DDR2 RAM
    1x Nvidia Quadro 4000 2GB
    1x 320GB Sata Disk

    1. A

      Same issue
      hardware :
      -i7 4770k
      -16go ddr3
      -nvidia GTX 670 …

    2. M

      Same problem here, it just crashes instantly

    3. A

      Same here, “Star Wars Battlefront Beta” has stopped working”. WIth any tries, no progress for me.

      1. A
        Andrew Hobbs

        I have it too. 🙁

  23. J

    BLACKSCREEN ISSUE: Exit out of teamviewer it you have it. After I closed out of teamviewer the black screen issue went away

    1. X

      You rock, sir. That was the cause of my problems.

    2. K
      Kevin V

      That was it! Hahaha I can play now!! Amazing..TV was causing the black screen

      1. D

        What is teamviewer?

  24. G
    Greg Hunt

    Press start stuck as well. I bought a wireless receiver for my controller for a reason….lol. I don’t have a cable to plug in my controller.

  25. D

    Has anyone figured out how to get past the start screen on windows 10?

    1. A
      Adam Burdett

      Its a bitch to do, I’ve done it a few times idek how. I’m currently updating my graphics card drivers and forcing the game to use it, i hope this works

  26. T

    Fixed my BlackScreen with a new install of Origin in the dafault path of the Installation.
    Before that, Origin was installed on E: and it doesnt work.

  27. A
    angus m

    playing with a controller sucks. there is no control of mid stick sensetivitiy. turned down to 0% and barely touching the stick makes the aimer move wildly but now my guy takes forever to turn around. Dice, what the fuck does sensitivity mean to you?

    1. A
      Adam Burdett

      ikr! I thought my controller was fucked up for a minute, its terrible! really bad, and you can’t change any of the controls for it, which sucks

  28. H

    I am unable to get past the loading screen for an online match. Waited 20 minutes trying to load into a game and ended up giving up then and force quitting. I have tried restarting origin and PC, also re-downloaded origin and repaired the game files. I don’t think this has anything to do with my internet (24mbps download).

    1. D

      I’ve got the same problem, dont know how to fix it, i can’t play :ccccc did u find any solution ?? ? ?

    2. E

      same here, i keep on force closing the game and start again to join a new server, i do this like 20 times just to get in a game if i am lucky……

  29. C

    When i select ‘play’ on the game in Origin it shows the loading circle on my cursor then goes off, it says im playing the game then says im not playing the game with out showing anything.

    1. A

      Did u find a solution for this? i have the EXAKT same problem!

  30. S

    run as admin helped me

  31. D

    I had the same problem with my STARTUP screen. The problem is somebody messed up at EA at coding and disabled keyboard, it only worked when I connected my PS4 controller. Might work with a second keyboard haven’t tried.
    So ether connect your controllers or wait for them to fix the coding, because the problem is there.

    1. P

      I’ve tried with second keyboard hooked up via usb… no dice. I have an xbox 360 controller that it seems to work with, though I’m getting slaughtered out there! Hopefully they patch it soon.

  32. L

    I tried to run the game but it crashes and i did the things in the guide but it still don’t work ,(i have intel hd graphics 4000 is that the problem?)

    1. R

      I have the same issue (running windows 10, intel 4000). I updated the graphics, reinstalled origin, checked the game for bugs, tried all the startup codes and it always crashes immediately after opening.

      Is this an intel graphics issue (even when updated), or an operating system issue?

  33. M
    marshall fowler

    I have a core i7 3770 with 14 gig of ddr3 1600mhz and a xfx r7 260x 2 gig edition and i have done everything and still get a black screen on start up with a cursor arrow please help

  34. M

    everytime i try to launch it, it says my drivers are out of date. i downloaded the update for them and i have a better version than what its asking for. it’ll force it to run if i hit okay and then it crashes. i did the step on this website for if it crashes, still doesn’t run. help?

  35. C

    I am having the same issues. I cannot get past the ‘press start screen’.
    I have updated my intel driver. didnt work.
    I have forced sw btlfrnt to use my nvidia graphics card. didnt work.
    updated nvidia, didnt work.
    Disabled EUFI boot system, supposed to work, didnt work.
    verified integrity of the game through origin, didnt work.
    looked up several reddit and online gaming forums to find a solution, couldnt find one that works.
    tabbing out and pressing enter in windowed mode doesnt work.
    Asked my flatmate for a gamepad, he didnt have one, neither do i.
    I will get one tomorrow hopefully and try it again.

    Weird thing is in the beginning I was able to somehow get passed it and play it for a bit, assault walker and survival. And it was fun, tho because it was on intel not nvidia, fps was horrible sound was just choppy and messed up. Now nothing works.

  36. B

    -novid -noborder -windowed
    WORKED for me! THANKS SO MUCH!!!

  37. D
    Danis Azizov

    Same issue, “Press enter”, EA fix that pls

  38. D
    Dane Matich

    Stuck at starting screen and nothing is working, great game 🙂

  39. R

    The last Beta i could play no probs but this one i’m having lots of error messages about my graphics card.It recommends a card with 2gb vram but i have a Radeon HD 5770 that only has 1gb GDDR5 Vmemory. I’ve updated the drivers and have been able to play survival mode (up to about the last round) and also MP (though it does usually crash after a few mins). It sucks that the earlier Beta worked fine on my graphics card and system but now they’ve obviously made some changes. When it does run, it runs fast and smooth so don’t know why they want you to have to use a Graphics card with 2bg video memory ???

  40. you should not release a game before you have tried it multiple times not just one or twice on the same computer whats the point of waiting 2 hours for a waste of 10gb cuz i cant run it ffs every gaming franchise has this shitty problem

  41. C

    stuck at the connecting screen for well over 6 hours.

    1. M
      Michael Maasen

      Same here. Anyone help?

  42. S

    when i make mine full screen it freezes
    any ideas

  43. P

    all i get is a pop-up window that says “thank you for playing”

    1. G

      I get the exact same thing. I click play and my computer acts like it’s loading something, then stops and the screen saying “Great shot kid” shows up saying how I should buy the game. I have an I5 4690k quad core, a gtx 970, and 16 GB of RAM. I should be able to play this game…

      1. X

        I have this same problem, trying everything and still not working… Somebody?

      2. A

        I have the exakt same problem.. any progress?

        1. X

          I figured out its on evry orgin demo i installed, so its a orgin problem. Install fifa 16 demo to test this.

          1. D

            Yep, figured that out myself and as far as I can tell, I couldn’t find a fix for that particular bug on my PC. Though honestly, I wasn’t missing much since I could play it on PS4 and it’s fairly disappointing. Not really going to go into details but it basically tries too hard to be a Battlefront game and Battlefield/CoD game at the same time and just fails on both fronts making it feel very shallow and without depth. I get it’s the beta, but for a battlefront game, it’s way different from the past games and just doesn’t at all feel the same. As a generic FPS shooter with a star wars skin, it’s alright, but it’s basically just another FPS like CoD or Battlefield. Just throwing my opinion out there to the people that really wanted to play this game on PC but can’t cause of EA’s shitty origin service.

  44. L

    Well i’m on W7 x64 my graphic card is AMD R9 270x, i’m using the AMD Catalyst 15.7. I tried to re-install origin, it didn’t work… My problem is that the game start’s to run, then “Star Wars Battlefront stoped working”. What can it be?

  45. K

    I pre-loaded the Beta yesterday but when I try to open it up it says that I need a disk.

  46. B

    if u can not press start with keyboard

    close everything right click origin “run with graphics processor” then click on “high-performance nvidia processor” when origin opens and u log in DO NOT open game through origin instead go to battlefront desk top icon (on your desktop) and right click battlefront icon “run with graphics processor” then click on “high-performance nvidia processor”

  47. H

    For this with a NVIDIA graphics drive, there was a recent update completely dedicated to Star Wars Battlefront Beta, try installing that.

    1. A

      it didn’t changed anything still stucking at press enter to continue screen.

  48. S

    I’ve run into a problem of joining a game and unable to move at all. I’m playing on PC and no matter how many times I press the wasd keys, my character just won’t move. Its only at times when I mash the arrow keys and wasd together that I see some slight movements, or just watch my character run in one direction only.

  49. L

    Stuck at press enter on the following:
    Just updated Win 10: Complete reinstall on laptop, Intel 4000 AND Nvidia 835m (may be wrong about number, but I got right drivers for actual card)
    Updated Nvidia drivers to latest package (and verified installation)
    Updated Intel drivers to latest package (and verified installation)
    Trend Micro Antivirus
    Logged in as Adm
    Waiting to attempt starting until Windows is fully loaded
    Installation procedure: Logged in as User C (standard user), and when promted for Adm, used user B who has adm privileges
    Attempting running game as: User A, who is the main admin user. User C.

    If anyone suggests executing this game as Adm user: There is no way this is going to happen. This has caused me a weeks worth evenings of cleaning up PC due to large number of infections. A game requiring Adm privileges does not follow best practice for security; you never, ever, execute as Adm if you can avoid it. You install as ADM, you run as normal/standard user.

    Same results with BOTH Run with Nvidia, and run with built in graphics:
    First, a warning of not good enough Intel drivers. It seems to list two drivers??? (Clue to techies: It obviously checks for Intel despite I have set it to run using Nvidia – this must be a bug somewhere?)
    Then, music plays, keyboard works, but stuck at “Press Enter”. Have tried the following, with no differences in result:
    * Press enter on built in keyboard, both main key and key at numerical pad
    * Press enter on external keyboard, both main key and key at numerical pad
    * Plugged in game controller before game started, as well as after, tried all buttons
    * Alt-Tabbed in /out – no change
    * Tried the suggested parameters (-novid etc), as well as disabled origin
    * Started from shortcut on desktop, as well as from Origin
    * Using the Nvidia control panel, set the game to default to Nvidia, default to Intel 4000

  50. C

    i cant get past the black screen pc specs are this AMD Athlon II X2 260 prcessor 3.20 GHz 4.00 gb of ram 64 bit op system

  51. G

    If you have a black screen you must change your format screen on “1280×720”.

  52. A

    Crush after launch – Program stopped working; I have W10; GC: AMD Radeon HD 7700; I downloaded every updates and driver; Reinstalled origin and game…and still same problem

  53. E

    the game asks me to update the intel dirver every time i open the game

    1. M
      Mirez Elderon

      I get the same thing and cannot play it. I don’t have an intel driver either. I have an Nvidia GeForce GTX 860M Driver and I have updated it and I get the same thing and it crashes as soon as I get to the black screen and says to close the program. I do not understand what to do. Please advise.

      1. M
        Mirez Elderon

        If you have the same issue I had, I read through some of the earlier comments and saw NGXII’s solution and it worked. You are my hero sir.

  54. S

    I have another type of problem I think. My Battlefront doesn’t even give a black screen or something. It doesn’t even start. The only thing aaaathat comes up is a little PopUp-Window where they thank me for playing and want me to preorder the game. But I didn’t even play 🙁
    Anyone has the same problem? or even a solution
    thanks 🙂

    1. S

      now I saw the post up there, sry… but maybe now somebody has a solution? 🙂
      There isn’t be a problem with my hardware, drivers or anything, believe me 🙂

      1. A

        I have the same problem.. tell me if u fix it please

    2. H

      Same for me shows its running in processes then crashes no error no nothing

  55. T
    Tang wei hao

    I can open the game but the game cannot connect to my EA account and it cannot run smooth but i think my system requirement is enough.

  56. M

    The Logitech cordless rumblepad 2 is not recognized ,this is bad…

  57. X

    I have Win 7 and i have error with graphic card. I have radeon and its say i must update my card, but i dont know how. Somone halp?

    1. J

      If you’re on Windows 7, make sure you have Service Pack 1 installed (right click on My computer, then Properties).

  58. T

    I think this game dont have support to joystick simulation flight…DAMN, where can i send my feedback? i like to control ships ob cockpit and with my joystick to fell real T_T

  59. C

    Pls HELP!….i have w7 64bit and when i try to start the game nothing happen,someone know the fix?

    1. C


      1. T

        i have exactly same problem :((

        1. A

          hola muchacho ami me pasaba lo mismo cuando iniciava el juego se clacheaba justo después de presionar intro la solucion es la siguiente :
          actualizar tu draives de tarjeta y de mas componentes de la pc , con Drive Booster 3 si después de esto aun sigue dándote problemas al entrar has el siguiente paso : inicia el juego y de inmediato preciona la tecla ALT + enter , esto hara que el juego se ejecute en modo ventana y una ves esto hecho entrada normalmente de ahi te dada 4 opciones lo cuales son play , collect , stats y settings .
          Elegiremos settings una ves adentro ,elegiremos opciones de video o video una ves dentro buscaremos Vertical Sync esto por defaul estará en off lo que haremos es activarlo y listo con esto se soluciona el problema pero yo les recomiendo que juegen en modo ventana ya que el juego se clachea despues de 30 minutos y eso sucede a todos los usuarios en modo ventana no pasa esto . bueno me despido y espero que les ayuda esta solucion . para modo ventana ALT + enter y lo mismo para regresar a pantalla completa Alt + enter.

        2. L

          I have same problem I tried everything possible update graphics card driver, different internet browser, reinstall origin and nothing happend then I uninstall and install Origin and still nothing, uninstall game and download it again and then voilà still nothing, and searching all day for some advice and nowhere is anything what can help me with this problem. I have windows 7 64x bit .

  60. B

    My game crashes every time I open it. I´ve done what you say but it still won´t open. What can I do to play the game?????

    1. A

      has hecho lo que indice apenas inicias el juego cargando la pantalla negra ahi tienes que presionar ALT + enter para que corra como modo ventana a varios de mis amigos les entro con eso modo y si todavía te aparece ese error son los draives no hay otra razón aun que también puede ser el origin por lo cual debes desintalarlo y instalarlo nuevamente espero haberte ayudado .

  61. S

    My game never downloads past 97%. Once it reaches 97%, my download speed drops to 0 b/s and remains there, even when I have connection.

    1. K

      Exact same thing happening to me right now.

    2. S

      The specific error code is 196613: 131086 and persists past reinstalling Origin.

  62. A

    When i start searching the game i cant find any game but if i random click on screen start displaying players profile which are in the lobby with me pls help ME

    1. A

      has hecho lo que indice apenas inicias el juego cargando la pantalla negra ahi tienes que presionar ALT + enter para que corra como modo ventana a varios de mis amigos les entro con eso modo y si todavía te aparece ese error son los draives no hay otra razón aun que también puede ser el origin por lo cual debes desintalarlo y instalarlo nuevamente espero haberte ayudado .

    2. A

      Tu comentario está esperando ser moderado.
      bueno veo Que un Varios de Sus Problemas draives hijo POR Y ALGUNOS sin jugar pueden por línea Que No Saben Como ConectaRSE y El Otro es por Descarga ninguna Primero Hablaremos Sobre la Descarga del juego claramente sí Anuncio en el origen del la del que precarga era el 7/10 / 2015 es Decir en ESA Fecha Hasta la Fecha 8/10/15 y hora 15.00 horas ESTABA Permitido descargar, Una ves Que El juego FUE Lanzado Para Todos es Decir línea La Descarga se caduco solo la Descarga.
      Segundo ALGUNOS ya entraron al juego de Pero No Saben Como entrar a la partida Pasos párrafo jugar en línea: multijugador eligan Eligen de ahi andador asalto Una ves made ​​ESTO te dada Una Lista de los Jugadores conectaros y automaticamente entrada Una ves adentro te aparecera la ONU con menú jugar tu soldado párr presiona El Botón amarillo Que los dados: igualar a partir de, this justo un Una esquina de la Pantalla, despues Elige una De La 3 OPCIONES solitario de le clic en un uña de ellas DESPUÉS presionar hacia atrás Que esta un Una esquina de la Pantalla de ahi presionar iniciar y listo.

      tercero ALGUNOS dados Que No estan conectaro a la o roja origen ESTO sucere A Veces la solucion es desintalar origen y instalarlo otra ves y Activar las actualisaciones betas, Sobre los draives de la Tarjeta pueden ir uno Cara asu pagina ofical de Fabricante es muy facil les Linck dejo de Cada Uno: es, este es el párrafo AMD eligan el draive Que beta 15.9.1, este es el párrafo NIVIDIA no se como Elegir el draiver of this ya Que Yo soy de amd, Pongan los Datos de su Tarjeta y te Enviada Una pagina Donde le Dadas una Descarga.

      Despues De Hacer Todos Estós Pasos Reiniciar tu pc, todavía si no se les deja entrar al juego o se clachea al comienzo, jugar en Modo ventana con ESTO te evitaras Todo tipo de clacheo párrafo Modo ventana Alt + Enter Apenas Comienza la Presentación del juego. espero averles ayudaro ya Que ami ESTO me soluciono y Ahora juego en Modo ventana y TODO nada normales de Errores.

  63. N

    when i try and launch the game it says that my GeForce Drivers arent up to date

    but i have a quadro so i shouldnt even have GeForce drivers in the first place

  64. S

    Says I’m not logged into my EA account.

  65. D

    BREAKTHROUGH! Be sure to restart your computer after making and applying all changes applied. My copy has not been working on my laptop since it came out. I’ve done most of what people have said here with no results. Turned out, all I needed to do was reboot my computer for all changes to apply.

  66. W

    I had it working last night and was playing but trying to play this morning it says I not allowed online features and cannot play anything even survival, does this mean that the beta has timed out or I’ve finished it? I just wanna play man

  67. T

    It says could not find server

  68. F
    Freddie Lillingston-Price

    I have changed it to use my nvidia card for both the game and origin, but when i click on the game nothing happens…?? 🙁
    Anyone know how to make it work?

  69. J

    OMG after hours of trying everything posted as a fix nothing would work so i finally decided to update to windows 10 and maybe a miracle would occur. Ok so this is for Intel graphics users getting the error about drivers arent up to date but when you try to update it says you are up to date.(if u try to manually do it it says not compatible) I put the argue commands in and bam game would launch but keyboard wouldnt respond. Controller works fine but this game is not gamepad friendly ESPECIALLY against anyone who is beast at KBM. Tried all kinds of restarts, reinstalls, and other things. Nothing worked. Til i decide to upgrade to Windows 10 which then let me update the display drivers to the most recent ones on intels website that previously said not compatible. GG WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER. no error at launch and keyboard and mouse both working fine. here i come to take my revenge on everyone that beat me up yesterday!

  70. H

    “Press To Start” not work. I can’t start game.

  71. C

    When I start Battlefront it tells me I have no disk..what disk?!

  72. M

    I have qx6800 processor with GTX750ti and latest Nvidia driver on Windows 10 PC. I pre-loaded the battle front Beta on 10/7 and I have not been able to play on this machine. When opening game black window opens then get pop up advising beta has stopped working and to close, so far I have tried the following:

    1) reinstalling Origin
    2) rebooted multiple times
    3) reinstall beta
    4) reinstall video driver
    5) -no vid -noborder -windowed and check box not to load origin in game
    6) Run as admin, and compatibility mode

    With no success thus far, any help would be appreciated. I do have the beta functioning properly on my windows 7 laptop, but no luck on the windows 10 PC. Please let me know your thoughts.


  73. B

    For the people having issue with NVIDIA drivers i used this thing and it helps a lot!! i can play now in windows 10 without any problem 😀

  74. C

    What about the issues of repeatedly failing to complete games because of “The session is no longer available” messages?
    Makes the beta just unplayable and unenjoyable for me.

  75. R

    I’ve tried everything, but it seems im not getting the same error as everyone else. It opens, get a black screen for 2 seconds and it says “Battlefront has stopped working” thats it. No Nvida/intel bs pops up, just say stopped working. Ive tried reinstalling origin, updating ALL drivers, and nothing

  76. H

    Hey, so yesterday I looked around a bit for the stuck at the press enter to start screen because nothing here helped me either. So I eventually found this page and it worked for me. I am using windows 8.1 so not sure if it works for 10. If it does work for anyone you should say so everyone knows.

  77. K
    Kenneth Mc

    i have a nice PC with good specs, but i get a severely low frame rate in the game’s menu. PLZ HELP!!!

    1. Z

      Hello Kenneth Mc! I’ve the same problem. In the game the fps is very good (~40fps) in medium graphics, but between two match in the menu and the score counter are very low framrate, I dont know why. My PC Spec: AMD athlon II X4 750K, 8GB DDR3 and r7 260x. I know this is the minimum requirements this game, however why run the ingame very good in FULL HD? mystery 🙂 Maybe you know the solution already?

  78. B

    Whenever I dont touch the game for a few minutes it just freezes. Even when i do play the game it just freezes. Any help please? I have a GTX 660 with an I7 Running on Medium graphics for the game

  79. K

    Guys I really need help, the game doesnt run telling me to update my driver to 355.60 but the latest one available is 348.41, and I have it. Im running windows 7, please help!

  80. P

    Im having a completely different error

    Im running Win 7, and whenever I try to launch the game, it doesnt even make an attempt to launch. Star Wars appears briefly in the processes tab of task manager (no where else), quickly closes itself after a few seconds, and then Origin acts as if I shut it down normally. No crash report. No black screen. Nothing.
    Yes I have tried reinstalling.
    Yes I have tried running both Origin and application as admin.
    Yes I tried disabling origin for the game.
    My drivers are up to date. And I also heard that someone was notified by Origin that their drivers were out of date, whereas I was not.

    1. D

      If you have Nvidia, try downloading geforce experience, that application will give you the latest drivers, if you are running with an amd gpu, download crimson catalyst application, that one will give you the latest drivers for amd. <- Worked for me.

  81. B

    Hi. I got the Star Wars battlefront beta for my Xbox one. I made a account and everything but after it says not connected press Y. I do but then is says You are not allowed to acces online features. I checked my settings and everything normal. Please help!

  82. T

    Guys, Just follow the instructions above.. Im also running windows 10 .. turned off my Teamviewer and Skype and it works like a charm!

  83. Q
    Quentin E.

    This is a 100% solution for pass the title screen (press enter to start)

    -Lauch Battlefront
    -Right click on any other icons on your desktop
    -When the menu is displayed Left-clic on Battlefront

    (be sure you have set the good graphic card before)
    you are welcome from the France where my beautiful brain has found this

    1. Q

      You f****g genius!! 🙂

    2. B

      I don’t know, how did you develop such a solution, but it’s working :O

      1. Q
        Quentin E.

        I was so desesperate 😀

  84. P

    Hey i have a problem that says that i need to connect to my EA acount thats the only problem i have and i dont know how to fix it

  85. P

    Hey i have a problem that says that i need to connect to my EA acount thats the only problem i have and i dont know how to fix it

  86. Mine says: “you can’t access online features” and wont log into origin. please help!! I wanna play the game before it expires!

  87. S

    How can I change the graphic card my laptop is using on this game?
    It’s using the intel one and I have a NVIDIA. Thank you

  88. R

    When I am connecting to a multiplayer server, I get kicked out and it says Trouble connecting to EA servers, please make sure you are online. I am online and everything is fine. plz fix

  89. L

    Thank you! 😀

  90. D
    Drake Bostler

    Turning off secure boot was the only thing to help me. I tried everything else, but turning off secure boot was the only thing that made me finally pass the “Press enter to start” screen.

  91. P

    Well i havent got a black screen. I have a red screen after each match crashing my pc.

  92. A

    when i start the game it says that i need to update AMD Radeon driver version to 15.7]

    1. A

      i have a windows 7 Hoem Premiuim

  93. L

    I have Windows 10 and I still have the black screen error. When I load it up, it takes about 2 minutes before it starts and then there is just a black screen. GTX 970

  94. C

    I keep getting “your graphics drivers stopped and have restarted” about 3 minutes into every game. I have Windows 10 64bit, Amd R9 390X gpu, 32 GB of ram, I tried everything above with no success I even wiped out my entire system with a fresh clean os install and only installed graphics drivers origin and swbf and got the same results, this use to happen in GTA V and I could select “run with direct x 10 mode” and it fixed my issue unfortunately that’s not an ability in SWBF it’s very discouraging

  95. N
    Nyx Wildlight

    A friend of mine went through this error with the game stuck at a black screen.
    So, I tried to see what the problem was, and for me, if I unplugged my Xbox 360 controller, it wouldn’t launch. Apparently they didn’t expect any non-hardcore gamers, or casual gamers. I just had one to play GTA V

  96. T

    Guys can anyone help me? When i press Play button it just doesnt want to start the game. It does nothing.

  97. W

    Can anyone help? I’ve done everything posted but still doesn’t work, I’ve got an i5 and a AMD GPU

    1. W

      Stuck on the “Press Enter to start” screen?

  98. R

    Just so you guys know. I had the black screen problem and as much as I didn’t think it would do anything I reloaded Origin and that actually fixed it. Been playing ever since.

  99. J
    jack harwood

    When i try to launch the beta it goes black and i have to restart my laptop, but a window popped up before saying i need to update my driver, i did that and it still says that my driver is outdated?
    Also how would you force the game to run nvidia/AMD graphics card?

  100. F
    FNS Snipes

    I am on PC and have installed the game via origins. When i launch the game it says “There is no disk in the drive. Please insert the disk into drive D:.

    Please help,

  101. B

    the game wont load just keeps coming up with this message can someone help please
    detected intel driver version 03/19/2012. the recommended driver version need to be 14.4264 or later please update.

    i have updated and it keeps saying this is there anything else i can do?

  102. F

    If someone getting error like “your graphic don’t supports dx11” try to add “-dx11” and restart your pc I am running win 10 and dx12 on gtx 860m

  103. E

    For those who had a black screen and crash, even with graphic card driver updated… I found the solution. Very strange but it works: Click right on your speakers icon (at the right bottom from your desktop), go to “Playback device” (don’t know if it is the good expression in english, sorry). Click right on your speakers device by default/ properties/ Advanced statistics (or statistics) and change your sampling rate to 96000 Hz . Apply. It is done. Now, it should works…

  104. A

    Hai guys, My game back worked. I just reinstalled Origin latest version into same directory as before then turned white screen magically. Goodluck)

  105. W

    Hey guys, i know its bit late for this, but um i have an integrated graphics card intel 5500, 8gb ram, i7 processor, and i was able to play it after the update by updating my graphics drivers with this Before this I kept getting the driver error message and couldnt press enter into the game. So this is the solution I found! happy gamin guys!

  106. M

    I have a glitch where i am stuck at the darth vader minigame for eternity and it never goes to the full game. please help, super frustrating.

  107. M

    How about the appalling lack of game Volume ?

    This the worst in any game and my BF4 volume is fine
    Using same headset

  108. T
    Tucker Johnson

    On PS4, Loving the game so far. All of the sudden when playing today, when I click L2 to scope in it won’t un-scope until I press L2 again. I want it to un-scope when I release L2 like normal. Any one know a fix?

    1. C

      same just started to happen to me today, driving me nuts, would also like to know how to fix this

    2. C

      You need to change your options menu setting back to HOLD.

  109. J

    I bought my game for the ps4 and when it starts to install it sits at 26% for an hour and that’s it, what’s going on why will it not install?

  110. T
    Tony Lee

    I don’t know why, there don’t have any text at main menu it was showing only blank buttons and blank notice window.

  111. R
    Robert P

    I’m able to start and play a training mission just fine, when I’m finished and click exit game my entire PC freezes and I have to unplug the power cord.
    Windows 10, Radeon HD 7700 with latest driver, Intel i7 3770, 12G Ram

    1. D

      This is a bump. I have the same problem. My whole computer freezes, and I have to hold down the power button to turn it off.
      Windows 10, GTX 770 2GB, Intel i7 930, 16GB RAM

  112. A

    I’ve tried everything for 2 straight days and can’t get in. I did what NGXII suggested and nothing. I’m getting the following message:

    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
    Application Name: starwarsbattlefront.exe
    Application Version:
    Application Timestamp: 5644b52d
    Fault Module Name: starwarsbattlefront.exe
    Fault Module Version:
    Fault Module Timestamp: 5644b52d
    Exception Code: c0000005
    Exception Offset: 00000000041c667b
    OS Version: 6.1.7601.
    Locale ID: 1033
    Additional Information 1: 229d
    Additional Information 2: 229db91209e35898b2fd20e986b01201
    Additional Information 3: 3b81
    Additional Information 4: 3b81b7888f9cb6dd9c483f883825ad2b

    Read our privacy statement online:

    If the online privacy statement is not available, please read our privacy statement offline:

    Any suggestions?

  113. M

    I load the game fine, can do solo missions perfectly fine also. When I go to play multiplayer I will join a game and I am stuck at the load screen as it spins, I have let it sit for over 30min and reset origin, checked my internet connection and restarted the game and computer.

    1. S

      I have the exact same problem.

      I ****ing hate origin – I wish it was on steam

  114. A

    my game does not even start. my pc just stops everything. even my mouse does not move. i even went to “can i run it” and i have all the must have specs and some of the recommended too. happens with dark souls II too

  115. M
    Marcus Lintault

    Hoping they will actually fix this game for the PC because, I cannot believe they would release a Star Wars games with several vehicles and no Joystick support on any platform. There is such a long pedigree of Star Wars games with Lucas Arts games… all supporting Joysticks. They almost single handedly created that gaming genera of flying Star Wars vehicles. The list of titles is too long to mention.

    It is sooo disappointing. I feel like I’ve been robbed of $75. I’ll never play the game because the mouse control of any vehicles is horrible.
    I really bummer, and ZERO reason they could not have enabled joystick support. It would have been so easy to make happen.

    Right now I prettey much feel like EA just stole my $$.

  116. T

    I had these issues, thought i was boned – but: I ususally have Windows updates off, so did all the windows updates (this did take a few hours btw). I also updated my AMD Catalyst to most recent version. Give it a crack – worked for me :D:D:D:D Please share elsewhere if this works for you, i cbf signing up for all these sites…

  117. M


    I had the same problem with the press start error, i tried everything listed here then stumbled upon another forum while looking up changing uefi settings (which i didnt want to do).

    How this forum suggested the fix worked for me.

    Load the game (making sure that its loading your nvidia or amd main card) then when the game gets to the press start, hit alt-tab which should push the game into a smaller window, from there, simply right click any other desktop icon, then back to the game and the press enter should work, it did for me.

    Hope this solves some others problems, i was getting very frustrated and wanting to bill EA for my time lol

  118. C

    My battlefront works fine, except that when I hit escape, no options show up. And on the ‘press enter to start screen’ all I can see is the inside of echo base. Please Help!

  119. D

    I am trying to friend with a friend on any of the missions and it just keeps saying “This session is no longer available.” even if either one of us invites each other, but it just happens to me, when he plays with other friends it work, just me.

  120. S

    If i die while im typing something in the ingame chat i cant move my character when i spawn in again. My mouse is visible and moving my mouse doesnt effect my ingame character, instead i just move the pointer on my screen. I can just restart the game but if you have a really good game and you dont want to leave and lose all your points it would be good to know a way to fix this.

  121. F


  122. L

    Game runs fine then suddenly freezes and i have to restart the entire PC via power button. Tried everything so far no luck, any suggestions?

  123. A
    Armando Alexander

    Also, make sure your computer has 8GB of RAM.

  124. G

    My game has been installed and well…its not worth the money while this bug is alive, i launched it and it started cloud syncing, it finished and then it suddenly says that the application was not started correctly, and that i should press ok to close it, it might be that i have a 1 GB graphics card, and that the game runs on a 2 GB one…what to do? might it be the graphics card, or maybe a virus scanner preventing it from being played? or is it a bug that again shows how primitive humanity is and cannot be fixed? which one is it, could somebody tell me?

  125. J
    Jose E

    I’m having this issue that I can’t get past the start screen on my xbox one anyone else.

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