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Hoth collectibles in Star Wars: Battlefront are transparent diamonds. They can be picked up in single-player game modes, and finding them all unlocks another star in the rating. They can be found in the Battle, Survival and Hero Battle modes. This guide will show you all Hoth collectible locations in SW: Battlefront.

Note: This guide is a work in progress. We’ll update with more locations as we go along.

Hoth Battle Mode Collectibles

There are five diamonds waiting to be found in Battle mode on Hoth. They’re pretty hard to spot, thanks to all the snow, but they are in places that aren’t hard to reach.

1hoth collectible locationThe first one is on the hill above the camp where you start. Just turn around as you spawn and climb up there to get it.
2star wars battlefront hoth collectiblesThe second one is on the hill overlooking the power relay (the one attached to the Imperial shuttle).
3hoth battle mode collectibles After you collect the second one, look down and to the left. You’ll see the diamond on some rocks.
4where to find collectibles on hothThis one is behind a rock next to the power station.
5sw battlefront collectible diamonds hothEnter the tunnel below the power station, and look for the diamond behind a lamp post on the left.
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    Thanks I found them just like u said. Now I just need hero mode help. Turning of AI allies is a good way to find everything and not lose.

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