Endor Collectible Locations | Star Wars: Battlefront

Endor collectibles in Star Wars: Battlefront are floating diamonds that can be found in single-player missions on the forest moon. There’s five of them in Battle, Survival and Hero Battle each, and you’ll be awarded with an additional star in your rating if you collect them all.
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In this guide, we’re going to show you all Endor collectible locations in SW: Battlefront.

Note: We’re going to be adding more locations to the guide as we play. Stay tuned.

Endor Battle Mode Collectibles

The five diamonds in this mission on the forest moon of Endor are very well hidden, in places you wouldn’t usually frequent.

1endor collectible locationsThe first one is in the room where you start, behind the command terminal to your right.
2sw battlefront forest moon endor collectiblesWhen you exit the base, turn right. Follow the road until it turns – the diamond is behind the tree on your left, at the turn.
3swb where to find collectibles  on endorGo under the runway, then right behind the fallen tree. The collectible is in the bushes near the tree trunk.
4star wars battlefront collectible diamonds endorThis one is in the base next to the runway. It’s on the upper floor, next to the staircase near the windows.
5swb collectible locations endor battleThe final diamond is between the runway and the building, behind a giant water tank.
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