Sullust Collectible Locations | Star Wars: Battlefront

Sullust collectibles are transparent diamond emblems you can find in Star Wars: Battlefront. They can only be obtained in solo and co-op modes – that includes Battle, Survival and Hero Battle.
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When you find all of them on a map, you’ll receive another star in your mission rating. This guide will show you where to find Sullust collectibles in SW: Battlefront.

Note: We’ll update the guide with more info as soon as we have it.

Sullust Collectibles in Battle Mode

There are five of them to be had in the Battle mission on the volcanic planet. Almost all of them are in the hangar – only one is outside.

1sullust collectible diamondsThe first diamond is in the hangar, on top of one of the AT-ATs. Use the catwalks and stairs to get near the top, then jetpack onto the vehicle.
2sw battlefront collectible locations sullustThe second one is at ground level. Go through the door behind the AT-ATs, then look to your left. The collectible is between the computers.
3swb sullust diamond locationsThis one is directly below one of the giant walkers. Just drop down and look for it near the hangar entrance.
4diamond emblem locations sullustOn the left side of the hangar entrance (looking from the inside), you’ll see a container. The collectible is behind it.
5sullust battle mode collectibles battlefrontWhen you exit the hangar, turn right. There are concrete pillars all around the building. The diamond is on top of one of them. Use the nearby containers to climb up there.
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