Star Wars: Battlefront Reveal Trailer Released

EA and DICE have released the first proper trailer for Star Wars: Battlefront, and it looks delicious. The video depicts a fierce battle between the Rebels and the Empire, both on land and in the sky.

The fight begins on foot, with Rebel soldiers being suppressed deeper into the woods by Imperial speeder bikes and an AT-ST.
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The forest proves to be too treacherous for the speeders, and the walker is dealt with using an energy field and a rocket launcher. More trouble ensues as an AT-AT approaches in its full might, blasting everyone in its range. The rebels call in an airstrike which rids them of the giant. All seems well for a few moments, and then Darth Vader appears.

The trailer then jumps quickly to a glimpse of a battle on Hoth, then a fight between a TIE Fighter and an X-Wing, Boba Fett spraying blaster rays while hovering in mid-air, and a quick show of the Millennium Falcon. Exciting stuff!

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