Star Wars: Battlefront New Screenshots Released

DICE and EA have released six new screenshots from their upcoming shooter Star Wars: Battlefront. The images are stills from a recently released trailer, and show off different environments and characters.

The developers have confirmed battlegrounds on Tatooine, Hoth, Endor and Sullust.
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In the images above, you can see the dogfight between the TIE Fighter and the X-Wing taking place on sandy Tatooine. There’s also a speeder chase, an AT-ST encounter and Darth Vader on several pics from the forests of Endor. Finally, the snowy planes of Hoth are home to several AT-ATs being attacked by ships.

According to the trailer, this was all done in-engine. If so, the screenshots look even more amazing. The facial expression of the Rebel soldier, the lush flora of the Endoran woods – everything looks detailed and lifelike.

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