SW Jedi Fallen Order Get Inside AT-AT Walker on Kashyyyk

Getting inside the AT-AT walker on Kashyyyk in SW Jedi Fallen Order can be problematic. The sequence takes place the first time you arrive on the planet – as soon as you land, you’ll see a herd of AT-ATs engaged in combat. As you approach them from behind, you’ll be able to enter and hijack the last one. If you’re wondering how to get inside AT-AT walker on Kashyyyk in SW Jedi Fallen Order, this guide will explain it.

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star wars jedi fallen order how to get inside at at walker on kashyyyk
SW Jedi Fallen Order Get Inside AT-AT Walker on Kashyyyk

How to get into AT-AT walker on Kashyyyk?

As you approach the AT-AT, you might notice there are a bunch of vines growing all over it. You’ll have to use those to get on top of it, which is where the hatch you can use to enter is. Go to the front right leg and climb the vines to the shoulder. Jump onto the clump growing from the torso, on the left. Jump onto the right hind leg then, and climb further up. Jump from one bunch of vines to the next until you reach the head. Now shimmy around to the other side of the head and use the vines on the shoulder to get up on its back. You’ll see a storm trooper shooting out of a hatch – that’s your entrance.

Once you’re inside, the real action starts. We won’t spoil anything, but you probably have an idea how things work out from then on. If you fall off the walker during your ascent, you can try again – as many times as you like. Although it looks like the AT-ATs are advancing, they’re actually going to be stuck there until you do your thing. So don’t stress – just take your time and climb the vines as slowly and steadily as you like.

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