SW Jedi Fallen Order Life Essence Locations

Life essence is a collectible in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. It’s a force echo that looks like a glowing ball of mist, and once you collect it, you’ll unlock a databank entry. When you collect three of them, your maximum health will increase. This makes them extremely useful, and you’ll probably want to collect as many as possible. In this guide, we’re going to show you a list of all Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order life essence locations, so you can increase your max HP.

star wars jedi fallen order life essence locations
SW Jedi Fallen Order Life Essence Locations – Increase Max Health

Where to find life essence on Bogano?

We found the first one on Bogano, in the Bogdo Sinkholes. It was in the small cavern where the Oggdo Bogdo boss fight takes place. Once you defeat the monster and scan the room, you’ll discover a glowing ball by one of the walls. Approach it and scan the echo, and you’ll pick up the collectible. It’ll unlock the Bogling Corpse entry, which tells of a poor Bogling that dies protecting its family from the terrible monster.

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sw jedi order life essence locations how to increase max health

Remember – you need three in order to increase your life bar. We still don’t know how big the increase will be, since we’ve only found the ones above, but there’s probably going to be quite a few of them. There’s a trophy called Echo Location, which is unlocked when you collect 75 force echoes – this includes life essences, force essences and regular echoes. Also, it doesn’t say those are all of them – there could be more than 75.

We’re going to keep playing the game, and we’ll update the guide with any new locations we discover, on Bogano and in other places. If you find some that we’re missing, and you feel like helping out, leave a comment and let us know.

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