Starfield Digipick, How to Lockpick Safes and Locks

In our Starfield Digipick, How to Lockpick Safes and Locks guide, we will explain everything you need to know about this game mechanic. It is a standard shape-matching puzzle, but still, there are several ways this can go south. So, first off, we will give you some lockpicking tips for Starfield and explain the process. Then, we are going to explain the Undo and Auto features, since they can come in clutch at times. Lastly, we are going to talk about how to get lockpicks and more. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

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starfield digipick how to lockpick safes and locks
Starfield Digipick, How to Lockpick Safes and Locks

How to Use Digipick to Lockpick Safes and Locks in Starfield

To use a digipick to lockpick safes and locks in Starfield, you first have to interact with whatever you want to open. The first instance of this will likely be in the pirate base on Kreet. A digipick should be right next to the safe. With that in your inventory, interact with the safe and a lockpicking interface will show up. You’ll see two circles with holes in the middle. There are also four smaller circles on the right. Your goal is to pick one of the circles on the right and rotate it so it fills the holes in the center circles.

The first thing to know is that you have to the fill hole in both the outer and the inner circle. You have to figure out which circles on the right will fill the holes in the outer and which work for the inner circle. A good tactic is to pick one of the circles on the right and rotate them to see if they can at all fill the holes in the outer circle. If not, then it is used for the inner one. Once you press A, you commit to one of the right circles and have to make the puzzle work with what circles you have left.

The most important tip we can give you is that you can choose which of the right-hand circles you’re going to place next using the right stick on your controller. You DO NOT have to place the circles from left to right. Not knowing that you can pick and choose which circle you’ll place next can cost you your first few digipicks.

Digipick Lockpicking, How to Use Undo and Auto Features

The Undo and Auto features when digipick lockpicking in Starfield let you lockpick safes and locks more easily. The Undo option will appear in the bottom right with a number in brackets after you make a move. The number indicates how many undos total you have left. As you might imagine, this is incredibly useful if you make a mistake. However, we aren’t yet sure how spent undos are refilled. Maybe it’s through successful lockpicking, or maybe every lock has a set number of undos depending on the difficulty. Feel free to let us know in the comments how this actually works.

As for the Auto Slot feature, that just straight-up solves the puzzle for you. There’s a circular gauge that gets filled each time you successfully solve a digipick lockpicking puzzle, which is how you earn the ability yo use the feature. You want to keep this for very important chests with lock difficulties above Novice, the higher the better. Some traits and skills increase the number of auto-solving “charges;” the Starfield digipicking leveling works the same as all other skills. Those of you inclined towards thieving will find this useful.

Where to Buy Digipicks in Starfield and How to Find Them

Now that we know how to use a digipick to lockpick safes and locks in Starfield, how do you find them and where do you buy them? Well, there are several vendors that sell them, and that’s not particularly hard to find. For that matter, you’ll find many digipicks just by exploring your surroundings when you’re out adventuring. Drops are random, so we can’t point you toward a specific location. What we can do is tell you to generally be on the lookout for them. They are black and cylindrical, as you already know, and soon you’ll train your brain to differentiate them from the other debris lying around. And just to give you an idea of how abundant they are, we found five just in the pirate base on Kreet.

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