Starfield Ship Storage, How to Transfer Items From Personal Inventory to Ship

In our Starfield Ship Storage – How to Transfer Items From Personal Inventory to Ship Inventory guide, we are going to explain how this system works, because it is really unnecessarily complicated. Knowing how to move items to Ship storage like this is important, because Starfield is full of various items and resources that you’ll find useful for your space exploration. You just won’t have enough space in your personal inventory to store them all. Therefore, it’s essential to know how to transfer things to the cargo hold, but the game does not tell you how to do this. And again, it’s so clunky that many people just won’t be able to figure it out. So, here’s what you need to do.

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starfield how to transfer items from personal inventory to ship inventory
Starfield How to Transfer Items From Personal Inventory to Ship Inventory

How to Transfer Items From Personal Inventory to Ship Storage in Starfield

In order to transfer or send items in Starfield from your personal inventory to the ship storage, aka the cargo hold, you first have to be on the ship. The air lock doesn’t count. You have to be in the ship’s interior or in the cockpit. The next step to move inventory to your ship is to open your inventory. To do that, enter the menu by pressing the three-line button on the Xbox controller and navigating to the inventory using the right analog stick (or RS). Once in the inventory, if you’re in the ship, you should see the Cargo Hold option in the bottom right (as shown above). So, hit LB to enter that, then press LB again to access your personal inventory.

Now you can freely browse through your personal inventory, and for each item, you’ll see the “Store” option in the lower right corner. So, if you want to send something to the ship’s cargo hold, hit A after highlighting the item you want to move. If you’re in the Resources tab, you’ll have the option to send all resources to the ship’s inventory. Again, the option will be in the bottom right. And that’s how you transfer items to the ship from your personal inventory in Starfield. Knowing how to move items like this is important, because your inventory is only 150 “blocks.” This fills up real quick, especially when hauling armor.

Sure, you can increase your inventory through skills and traits, but it will remain a far cry from the 450 storage units the ship has. Plus, you can also expand your ship’s cargo hold by upgrading at ports, but that’s a whole different story. Now, if you do run out of personal inventory space during a mission, feel free to dump some of it onto your companions. Just don’t forget to store items in your ship once you return, for easier research or selling to vendors. But you surely see know why I said that the system is unnecessarily complicated. It’s a nightmare, and I’m certain modders will quickly make an easier way to transfer items from personal inventory to the ship cargo inventory in Starfield.

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