Starfield Scan Planet Resources, Flora and Fauna - Minerals, Creatures and Plants

Big part of Starfield is exploration of star systems, various planets and moons. While wandering throughout these planets you can scan planet resources and its flora and fauna. The game glances over the mechanics of this activity in its tutorials. That is why I wasn’t really sure how I can completely survey a planet. You want to scan a planets minerals, creatures and plants to get 100% survey score if you are a true star system explorer. We’ll walk you through how surveying a planet in Starfield is done.

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Starfield scan planet resources, flora and fauna
Starfield scan planet resources, flora and fauna

How to Scan Planet Resources Flora and Fauna in Starfield

To scan a planet’s resources, flora and fauna you have to press LB on the controller to open up your scanner. This will highlight various resource nodes and creatures and plants in the vicinity. To survey a mineral or resource you just need to approach it and press A on your controller. The same thing is done for live specimens. Some of them might be hostile and you’ll have to kill them when they attack you. Don’t worry, this also counts towards scanning wildlife.

For minerals and resources you just need to scan either a node, mine it or scan the surface of the planet rich with that material. On some planets you’ll have to travel to a particular part of the planet with that resource to be able to find and scan it.

For flora and fauna things can be a bit more complicated. First of all you have to survey multiple creatures and plants of the same species to 100% survey them. Another problem is that you have to travel high and wide to find all species inhabiting a particular celestial body.

How to scan Minerals, Creatures and Plants in Starfield

All of this is helpful in finding particular biological materials for crafting and research. Finding planets with certain materials will help you setup outposts and production for mass production of items you can use or sell.

Another important note is that you can pick up lots of materials just as you are surveying a planet. Once scanned you can exit scanning mode and harvest a resource by pressing A or mining it with you cutter laser. Plants are harvested by pressing A. Animals are harvested only after being killed and looted.

Ultimately, surveying an alien planet will certainly appeal to the explorers among you and with Starfield you get a chance to fully experience it.

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