Starfield Eye of the Storm Bugged Fix

If “Eye of the Storm” is bugged in Starfield for you, you’re not alone. Five years after the first announcement, Bethesda’s space-exploring RPG has finally launched. And while the game is dabbed by journalists as the “most polished Bethesda game at launch ever”, it still has quite a lot of bugs. One such Starfield bug has players stuck on “Wait for the transfer process to complete” during the Eye of the Storm mission. Here’s how to fix this.

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Starfield Eye of the Storm Bugged Fix
Starfield Stuck on Wait for the Transfer Process to Complete

Starfield Eye of the Storm Bugged Fix, Stuck on “Wait for the transfer process to complete” Solution

Starfield’s early access launch has mostly been bug-free in terms of major, game-breaking bugs. However, unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that there are no pesky bugs in various missions. In fact, some can even break these optional questlines and prevent you from completing them. For example, Starfield’s “Eye of the Storm” mission is bugged near the very end of the quest line. Namely, at one point near the end, you’ll need to reroute the ship’s power. This will require you to flip to power switches (Power Override Control) and transfer Module Lock. Unfortunately, that’s where the quest glitches out.

What happens is that during this part of Starfield’s Eye of the Storm, players will get stuck on the “Wait for the transfer process to complete” step. So, is there a solution for this bug? At the time of writing, the only proposed solution by those who have encountered this bug is to “keep reloading a safe before you start turning on the power in the room”. “After five or so reloads, it works,” says Steam user Kenneth. This has been corroborated by Reddit user TheArtofWayneTurpin, who proposed the same solution. He also added that you should close the game before reloading the save file. So there you have it. For now, until Bethesda fixes the bug, this is the only working solution. If you have any other way to fix this, share it with us in the comments section!

Starfield Stuck on Wait for the transfer process to complete Glitch
Reload the game and flip the switches again.
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    Raymond Deanda

    It sucks cuz I spent 20 hours on my character an all of my saves occur after I plugged everything in so I’d have to completely restart if I wanted to play.

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