Fix Starfield Hostile Intelligence, Hadrian Not Moving Out

In our Fix Starfield Hostile Intelligence, Hadrian Not Moving Out guide, we are going to give you a few ways you can fix this bug during the Follow Kaiser step. Unfortunately, the fixes that won’t bork your save entirely are not guaranteed to work, while the solution that definitely works locks you out of achievements and can, in the worst-case scenario, break the game. Whatever you do, you’re doing at your own risk, is what I’m saying. Let’s begin!

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fix starfield hostile intelligence hadrian not moving out
Fix Starfield Hostile Intelligence, Hadrian Not Moving Out

How to Fix Hadrian Not Moving Out Starfield Hostile Intelligence Bug

There are two ways to fix the bug where major Hadrian gets stuck in the room and is not moving in the Starfield Hostile intelligence mission, specifically the Follow Kaiser step. As a result, Kaiser can’t open the door, and everything comes to a screeching halt. The first thing you can do is for those of you on Xbox and people playing on PC that don’t want to wreck their current save file. That is, of course, contacting Bethesda support and hoping for the best. You can also attempt fast traveling somewhere and coming back, as well as reloading an earlier save and seeing whether the bug goes away. Exiting the game and coming back in doesn’t seem to work. These are not guaranteed fixes, but it’s worth a shot. It won’t lock you out of getting achievements, if nothing else.

The second way to fix the Hadrian not moving bug in Hostile Intelligence in Starfield is to use cheats. For more info on that in general, check out our Cheats and PC Console Commands List guide. The first step is to hit the tilde button on your keyboard, aka the “~” key. This will bring up the console, and immediately disable any further achievements, at least on that save. So, only do this if you don’t care about achievements. Type “002b17c4.moveto player” into the console, just without the quotation marks. The alphanumeric code is Hadrian’s reference number, and the command makes her move to you. This should allow the quest to proceed as intended.

Hit “~” again to close the console. Although, at this point, you might as well use other cheats, too. Just take care not to break the game completely. The only thing that might return achievements is to erase the command log, by going to Documents>My Games>Starfield and deleting StarfieldConsoleHistory.log (props to ItZDeano_Z for figuring it out).

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