Starfield Mantis Quest, Legendary Armor & Ship Location

In our Starfield Mantis Quest, Legendary Armor & Ship Location guide, we are going to show you how to get one of the best armor sets and space vessels you can get in the game. Not only is it incredibly good, but you can also get it very early in the game, around the second main quest. If you’re good enough to fight the high-level enemies the outpost is crawling with, of course. First, we’ll show you how to start the Mantis quest, then walk you through the whole mission. We will make a special stop at the floor puzzle, since that seems to cause a lot of trouble. Let’s dive in!

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starfield mantis quest legendary armor & ship location
Starfield Mantis Quest, Legendary Armor & Ship Location

How to Start Mantis Quest in Starfield

To start the Mantis quest in Starfield, during the Old Neighborhood main quest, be sure to inspect the corpses of Spacers you find (and make) on the Nova Galactic Starstation. You’re looking for a data slate by the name of “Secret Outpost!” It can drop from a different Spacer, that seems to be a bit random, but it’s always a Spacer, and most commonly on the Nova Galactic station. Read the slate, and you’ll learn about a secret mining outpost on Denebola I-B. Naturally, the next step is to head right over there and explore the place. It will be crawling with enemies that can go up to level 30, so be careful.

Follow the quest markers deeper into the facility (all the while collecting audio logs and comms to learn more about the place). You’ll eventually meet Livvey. After that, you’ll have to solve a fairly simple puzzle with floor plates. Here’s the solution.

Starfield Mantis Floor Puzzle

The solution for the floor puzzle in the Starfield Mantis quest, which will bring you one step closer to the legendary armor and ship, you have to step on specific letters on the floor. No, the word is not Jehovah, no matter which language. Rather, the word is “TYRANNIS.” In the image below, we’ve shown you exactly where the letters are in each row. Be careful where you step, because some letters are slightly worn out, making it difficult to make out what’s on them. One wrong step, and the lasers from the other side of the room will obliterate you in a matter of seconds. Once you make it to the other side safely, press the button to open the door and deactivate the lasers.

mantis quest floor puzzle solution starfield
Floor puzzle solution (click or tap to enlarge)

Starfield Legendary Armor and Ship Location

The location of the legendary Mantis armor and the Razorleaf ship in Starfield are really easy to find, once you’ve gone past the floor puzzle and whatever happens to Livvey happens. You literally just have to follow the two quest markers. The armor is inside the facility; you’ll find it on a mannequin in a fancy glass case. As for the ship, it’s on the outside and you can’t miss it, so long as you follow the marker. The entrance is in the back of the vessel, through the loading bay. Mind you, there are still a bunch of high-level enemies waiting to murder you, so be very careful. Good luck.

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