Starfield Increase Ship Storage

Figuring out how to increase ship storage in Starfield is pretty important, because there’s never enough space in space. You will need to upgrade ship storage space eventually; as you keep exploring and gathering resources and other flotsam and jetsam, your cargo hold will fill up surprisingly quickly. And then you run into the question of where to store items in Starfield. I mean, you can’t just zip between merchants and whatever cosmic outback you’re currently exploring. So, how do you get more storage? Let’s get into it!

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starfield increase ship storage
Starfield Increase Ship Storage

How to Increase Ship Storage in Starfield

In order to increase your ship storage or ship inventory in Starfield, you need to attach additional cargo containers. So, head over to any Ship Services Techinician (the first one you will most likely run into is on New Atlantis, on Jemison in Alpha Centauri) and select the option that allows you to view and modify your ship. We won’t begin with adding more cargo space; instead opt to upgrade your ship. I’d highly recommend starting with getting better engines (like White Dwarf 2010) and a stronger grav drive (such as the Vanguard Recon grav drive). This will set you back some 17,500 Credits, give or take. Why is all this necessary? Because the additional cargo holds (and the stuff that’ll be in them) make your vessel significantly heavier. You’ll need more powerful propulsion to counter all that extra weight.

The next step to increase ship storage in Starfield, in order to store more items on your Starfield ship, go into the Ship Builder option. Move the NG-2 docker and Nova Cowling off of your vessel. Hover over the blue circle where these were before and select the Add option (default on keyboard is “G”). Use “Q” and “T” to move between item categories until you get to HABS. Select a nice Nova Galactic Workshop 2×1, which will also add crafting stations to your ship. Return the cowling and the docker on top of your new cargo module. You will now have two slots on the Nova Galactic Workshop HAB to place cargo containers. Hover over the blue circles on the sides of the HAB and select “Add.” Go to the CARGO category and attach a StorMax 50 Cargo Hold on the port and starboard side.

Going through these steps will increase your Starfield ship storage by 640. However, the ship building interface will say you need to add more engines to increase maneuverability. There is an unoccupied slot left at the back of your docker. Attach an Amun-2 engine to it, and you will have an upgraded Frontier with more than double the storage space for all the resources you want to haul across the galaxy. The whole upgrade costs 10,850 Credits for the cargo holds and the engine on top of the previous 17,500 for the engine and grav drive upgrades. If you are strapped for cash, start out with smaller cargo holds.

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