Where to Buy Starfield Shielded Cargo Hold, Red Mile Location

There is a special item class that you can get in Starfield called Contraband. As its name suggests, this is illegal material which is smuggled by less-than-savory types such as pirates. If you get caught with it, you will have to pay a fine – maybe even go to Jail. There are several ways you can avoid this, but the easiest way is to simply buy and install the Shielded Cargo Hold for your spaceship. Doing this will prevent the Contraband from showing up on scans. You won’t be able to get this right from the start of the game, as you’ll need to get to and buy it from Red Mile first. So here’s the location of the Red Mile, where you can go to buy the Shielded Cargo Hold in Starfield.

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Where to Buy Starfield Shielded Cargo Hold, Red Mile Location
Where to Buy Starfield Shielded Cargo Hold, Red Mile Location

Where Can You Buy Shielded Cargo Hold in Starfield and How to Get to the Red Mile

So, how to get a Shielded Cargo Hold in Starfield? Well, while there are other ways to get this ship component (such as stealing a ship that already has one), the fastest and most reliable way is to purchase it. Red Mile is a place in Starfield where you can get the Shielded Cargo Hold. Of course, you first need to figure out where it is. Red Mile’s location is in the Porrima Star System. Specifically, on the Porrima III planet. Though, note that this is a Level 30 Star System, which means that you can run into some trouble here if you are underleved for it.

When you land on the Red Mile on Porrima III, speak to Lon Aderssen there. All of the various Shielded Cargo Holds can be browsed in the Cargo tab. Once you buy it, you will then be able to have a much easier time transporting and selling Contrabands in Starfield.

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